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Modern glass extensions are a great way of adding extra living space and value to your home. Bright and airy, they’re ideal for storing that home gym, a new kitchen, or just watching the world pass by. However, a common concern with these extensions in the UK’s unpredictable climate is that they’ll be too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. If not properly designed, there’s a danger they can follow their old conservatory predecessors and become unused, unloved and unwanted.

With this in mind, here’s a run through of some of the insulation problems that glass extensions can face, and how the Stormclad team have navigated them to give you complete peace of mind that our glass extensions stay at an ideal temperature all year round.

Edwardian Conservatory

Energy efficient glazing

Unfortunately, you cannot design a glass extension using cheap glass and expect high quality insulation. Too much of the wrong glass will result in heat escaping during the winter and magnifying it during the summer months, resulting in a room that’s either a snow globe or an oven! For a glass extension to maintain a moderate climate, you need it to be expertly-designed and tailored to the unique specifications of your property. During one of our free consultations, Stormclad’s highly trained professionals will identify your home’s specific glass extension requirements, its direction, its ideal size, and customise your glazing needs accordingly.

For South-facing extensions that are exposed to more sunlight, we offer industry-leading, special solar control glass that reflects 86% of the sun’s rays so your extension doesn’t get too hot on those particularly sunny days. For homes in the colder, rainier boroughs of the East Midlands, we also offer glass equipped with modern technology that prevents cold moisture from entering the extension. All our glass and window products use modern A-rated double-glazing technology with notably low U-values to help keep your home insulated and your energy bills down. No matter your needs, our four-tier range of high performance glass (in a variety of frame materials) means that we are prepared for any property and any budget. Visit one of our stunning showrooms and ask about our range of fantastic finance options.

Glazed Extension Design

As we touched on above, a big reason why some glass extensions suffer from temperature fluctuation is that they’re not designed with the property in mind. Modern glass extensions don’t just need the right glass, they also need the right ventilation. A South facing extensions needs to consider its air conditioning options in order to maintain a comfortable, consistent temperature. So, having plenty of areas in the extension that open is vitally important. Installing a set of aluminium bi-fold doors, for example, will help let the Summer air in and shut the Winter cold out. Together with the recent relaxation of building regulations for conservatory planning permissions, Stormclad’s adaptable approach allows us to provide a durable and artistic glass extension for your home, no matter its style or direction.

For North facing properties that get less sunlight, it may be a case of adding some heating element into the floor. Heavier floor tiles, such as stone, can absorb and retain heat during the day and release it back into the room at night. Whatever your needs, it will be identified by our professional designer during your free consultation. After that, we’ll perform an on-site survey to work out the precise measurements and finer details. We can even build your glass extension digitally with our state-of-the-art 3D home extension software before installation takes place. All materials used are sourced here in the UK, and our fantastic team of FENSA registered installers will be with you every step of the installation process.

Why not take a look at some of our previous work in the East Midlands on our case studies page?

Secure Conservatory Design.

More glass extension ideas to consider

If you’ve already installed a glass extension or regular conservatory with another double glazing company that isn’t performing to our high standards of insulation, there are a couple of small improvements you can make. During the summer, adding blinds and rugs to your extension can help to absorb that heat and cool the space down. During the winter, it may be a case of moving a portable heater into the space to help warm it up. Of course, this would use a lot of electricity that could increase both your energy bills and your carbon footprint. For a more efficient, better performing glass extension, we recommend choosing Stormclad the first time around.

Fully insulated modern glass extensions in Nottingham, Derby & Leicester

For more information about our incredible glass extension options, please feel free to contact us or come visit us at one of our showrooms in the East Midlands. We’d love to hear from you!

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