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There’s nothing quite like sitting in your conservatory on a warm summer evening, catching up with friends and family or quietly unwinding from a hard day’s work. Available in practical uPVC, contemporary aluminium or authentic timber effect materials, as well as glazed, solid, tiled and replacement roof options, modern conservatories can entertain a wide variety of tastes, lifestyles and budgets.

So, if you’re craving what your neighbours have but don’t know where to start, to help you make an informed decision, it’s time to understand the different types of conservatories available and their unique benefits.

What are the different styles of conservatories?

Lean-To conservatories

Lean To Conservatory

‘Leaning’ along the properties longest wall, lean to conservatories are rectangular or square structures with flat sloping roofs. Thanks to its variable pitch, lean to conservatories are perfect for homes with limited space under the eaves or other awkward areas. Ideal for bungalows, the lean to’s simple, minimalist stylings make it our customer’s favourite conservatory style of the moment.

Lean-to conservatory ideas

Edwardian conservatories

Edwardian Conservatory

Also known as a Georgian conservatory, Edwardian conservatories incorporate a flat front that provides excellent use of floor space thanks to a square or rectangular floor plan. Combined with a ridged sloping roof, Edwardian conservatories come a close second in the popularity stakes due to their unique blend of old and new.

Edwardian conservatory ideas

Victorian conservatories

Victorian Conservatory

The ‘go-to’ conservatory style for Victorian-era houses and traditionally-styled homes, Victorian conservatories are recognised by their curvaceous bay front, steeply pitched roof and ornate roof ridge. Victorian conservatories never fail to add character, while simultaneously flooding the space with warming natural light from every angle.

Gable-fronted conservatories

White glass gable.

Sometimes called a Pavilion conservatory or a Sunburst conservatory, grand gable conservatories feature a high roof slope with the same floor space as an Edwardian conservatory. Best suited to larger home improvement projects, the difference is the gable’s front panel remains upright rather than sloping back to the centre like an Edwardian conservatory roof does. Its tremendous triangular front is designed to create a superb suntrap, bathing the space in glorious sunshine.

Gable conservatory ideas

P-Shaped conservatories

P Shaped Conservatory

P-Shaped conservatories also take their name from the plan view of its design. Ideal for larger properties, P-shape conservatories combine the lengthy Lean-To style with the rounded Victorian conservatory style.

P-shape conservatory ideas

L-Shaped conservatories

Also known as a wrap-around conservatory or a corner infill conservatory, ample L-Shaped conservatories are another hybrid conservatory style that fuses the Lean-To conservatory with the elegant, high-pitched Edwardian conservatory layout.

T-Shaped conservatories

T Shaped Conservatory

A favourable conservatory style in larger homes, expansive T-Shape conservatories feature a central Victorian, Gable or Edwardian style projection united with a lovely lean-to. Often divided into two distinct living spaces, popular T-shape conservatory uses include a dining room alongside an extra lounging space or a designated home office space with an adjoining home gym.


Outside white uPVC orangery with a glass of wine on a table.

Originally used to grow exotic plants and citrus trees in the 17th Century, orangeries seamlessly bridge the gap between simple glazed conservatories and full-blown extensions. Classic orangery designs include a gorgeous glazed ‘lantern roof’ pelmet on a perimeter ‘deck’, supported by solid brick pillars or columns that effortlessly blend with existing brickwork. Best of all, they rarely require planning permission.

Orangery extension ideas

Garden rooms

Offering a contemporary twist on the classic conservatory, garden rooms are fully insulated, double glazed stand-alone structures. Providing fewer distractions and less noise, garden rooms are often used as dedicated studios or workspaces.

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