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Carports are a slick and stylish alternative to garages. They allow your car to stay outside for all to see, while staying protected from vandalism and the elements. While they’ve been more popular in the USA for the past hundred years, a quality carport can make a fine addition to your UK home, whatever its style. But what type of carport should you get? Where should you put it? How much will it cost? Here are 6 top things to consider when buying a carport for your home.A Stormclad carport in dark brown.

What can I use a carport for?

Of course, the primary purpose of a carport is storing your cars. Carports obviously offer less overall protection than an indoor garage, but they do offer your car fantastic, natural ventilation. At Stormclad, we offer carports with projections up to 4 metres and unlimited length, so you can store one, two, three or more cars under them. Most carports don’t require any planning permission, so there’s nothing to stop you from making your carport as big or as small as you want!

Carports also make for great social spaces. Their glazed, weather-resistant roofs mean you can still host a barbecue even in a thunderstorm! For a really stylish and welcoming space, you could even try adding some plants and hanging baskets. Make your carport a unique space to show your creative side!

What style of carport should I get?

There are two kinds of carport for you to choose from.

Free standing

– an independent structure located next to or near your house.

Lean to

– a structure attached to one of the walls of your house.

A free standing carport is fantastic if you have the space to support it. It’s easier to park in and provides a great open space if you’re someone who likes working on their cars. Lean to carports, however, offer better protection from harsh weather, and are more ideal for properties with limited space.

Another thing to consider is the carport’s aesthetic style. Would your home suit a more modern design, or something more traditional? Stormclad supplies carports in a variety of styles and colours, offering any BS or RAL colour to perfectly match your home.

Veranda Backgarden Installation

Where should I put my carport?

A lean to carport can be installed against almost any wall you choose. They can even be incorporated into one of our conservatory designs. A free standing carport, of course, is a standalone structure on the side of your house.

When deciding where to put either style, the most important factor is that it’s somewhere flat. This makes it much easier to construct and prevents rainwater from accumulating in the wrong places. It’s also vital that the carport roof isn’t angled in a way that directs water towards your house. To negate this, be sure to install a carport that has an integrated guttering system.

Should you build a DIY carport?

Building a sturdy shelter for your car may seem straightforward enough, but there are numerous mistakes that can be made that could have disastrous consequences.

If a carport is erected improperly, there’s a danger it can get blown over in the wind or even collapse under the weight of standing rainwater. A collapsed carport will not only reduce the value of your property, but it could also severely damage your car or your family. As such, it’s vitally important that you get an accredited installer to set up your carport for you.A carport with a blue jaguar and a red Toyota rav4.

What materials are carports made from?

Most carport frames are made from either wood or metal. Wooden frames are great for achieving that quaint, traditional look. However, they are less resistant to the weather and are liable to rotting over time. Metal, by contrast, is much more hard-wearing. All our carports are made from aluminium for maximum durability and style. A sophisticated metal model with a curved roof would be perfect for storing a small car.

As for the roof, a toughened glass or polycarbonate covering would be perfect for repelling heavy rain and holding firm in strong winds. All our roofs are glazed and 16mm in length to ensure the highest performance possible.

How much does a carport cost?

A carport is of course much cheaper than a whole new garage, but you still want to make sure you’re getting the best possible deal. If you see a quote for a carport that seems astonishingly cheap, it’s likely that it’s not the best quality of product. A carport’s cost depends on the quality of its frame materials and what kind of roof it has.

For peace of mind, it’s also worth getting a product guarantee and aftercare included in the price of the quote. It will make the initial purchase a bit more expensive but could save you loads in the long run should the structure become faulty. All Stormclad carports come with a 10-year guarantee and a 25-year life expectancy, so once your carport is installed, all you have to do is enjoy!Veranda

High quality carports in Nottingham, Derby & Leicester

For more information about our incredible range of options, please feel free to contact us or come visit us at one of our showrooms in the East Midlands. We’d love to hear from you!

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