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With longer nights and cooler days, this time of year is one the busiest for conservatory refurbishment enquiries. Although conservatory installation has improved dramatically in recent years, the issue of conservatories being too cold to use in winter (or too hot in summer) is still a poignant problem for many homeowners across the East Midlands – typically caused by budget constraints, substandard installation, or the use of outdated construction materials.

So, if you long for a warmer conservatory space that you can relax in at the end of a hard day, no matter what the weather may bring, carry on reading to discover our top tips for insulating an inefficient conservatory roof.

  1. Install thermal blinds or curtains

Adding an additional layer of warmth to protect against the cold, such as thermal ceiling blinds or heavy-lined curtains, is an inexpensive quick fix to regulate the temperature inside the conservatory; keeping more warm air inside in winter and staying cool by limiting the amount of sunlight entering the space through summer. The main drawback to watch out for here is condensation, damp and mould growth if there are extreme temperature fluctuations on either side of the curtains or blinds. They can also be tricky to install, depending on the conservatory’s shape and style.

  1. Avoid conservatory clad over roofs like the plague!

Clad over roofs are touted as the answer to inefficient conservatory roofs by unscrupulous double glazing installers. The fact is that placing insulation, timber, tiles, and plasterboard directly on top of inefficient polycarbonate or glazed conservatory roofing is a practice that’s best avoided at all costs. Clad over roofs are highly dangerous, as they inevitably weaken the structure and reduce crucial sources of ventilation. Worst case scenario? The roof could collapse!

  1. Rejuvenate your conservatory roof with a modern replacement

Stormclad Nottingham solid roof conservatory.

Is your conservatory roof damaged, leaky, draughty, sagging, mouldy, or rattles when the wind blows? If absolutely nothing seems to work to get the space warm and cosy, it’s time to think about replacing it with an illuminating glazed conservatory roof, a modern tiled conservatory roof, a flexible hybrid roof, or a superb solid roof. It may seem like an unnecessary expense to have to shell out for, but the funds being lost through wasted heat could be used to replace your tired, inefficient conservatory roofing with a modern, thermally sound one that will make the space useable for decades to come. It doesn’t have to be a big expense either, especially with our manageable home improvement finance options on hand.

Energy efficient conservatory roof replacement ideas

For the most hassle-free option to insulate your conservatory roof that involves minimal effort for maximum return, here are a couple of prime examples to get you started:

Traditional P-shape conservatory roof replacement in Wingerworth, Derbyshire

Modern lean-to conservatory roof replacement in Gedling, Nottinghamshire

Quality conservatory roof replacements add value, save energy and reduce energy bills

Our contemporary conservatory roof replacements have been specially designed to enhance the performance and aesthetic appeal of existing conservatory structures in Nottingham, Derby and Leicester. Contact us today and begin to look forward to getting the most out of your conservatory space with pleasant temperatures all year round.

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