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With winter now well and truly creeping up on us, here at Stormclad, we are advising homeowners to check their homes to help stop the colder weather from taking its toll on their property, heating, and maintenance bills. This list is designed not only to keep your family safe and secure, but also to help lower your energy bills and keep you warmer this winter. Keep reading to discover how to best protect your home and your family this season.

Window checklist for winter

  • Window locks – Did you know around 30% of burglars gain access through a window, with more than a third taking advantage of an unlocked window? If you’re serious about security, start thinking about locking your windows.All of our high-performance secure window systems feature multi-point locks as standard and can be manufactured to Secured by Design specification. Find out more about our exceptional window security here.
  • Draughts – If you feel a draught coming through your closed windows, it indicates that they are faulty and letting heat escape whilst the cold air enters your home. This not only makes your home uncomfortable, but it means you’ll spend more money on trying to heat your home. If its time to replace your draughty windows, talk to one of our expert team about window replacementsDelivering only the highest quality windows available on the market, you can count on a Stormclad to enhance your home’s energy rating whilst providing outstanding security.
  • Energy efficiency – Do your energy bills begin to increase rapidly around the winter time? One way to ensure your home retains as much warmth as possible, without turning up the thermostat, is to make sure your windows are energy efficient. If your windows are single glazed, or you have double glazed windows over 15 years old, it is probably a good idea to consider replacing your windows.With multiple styles available in 3 energy efficient materials, and double glazing as standard with a choice to upgrade to triple glazing, we can design and install a window to suit any style of home across Nottinghamshire. Contact us to find out more.

Looking out of a white uPVC window from the kitchen.

Doors checklist for winter

  • Security – Are your doors secure? If your doors are old, outdated, damaged, or faulty, it could make it easier for burglars to break and enter, so it might be worth considering a replacement door from Stormclad.Shockingly, 74% of thieves gain access through the front door and 5% of burglaries are down to an unlocked door. Composite doors provide year-round protection, thanks to the inclusion of multi-point locks with two hooks, two finger bolts and a deadbolt fitted as standard. Tested to the latest rigorous standards of PAS 24, you can sleep soundly; safe in the knowledge that your front door cannot be bypassed, thanks to its reinforced frame, premium adjustable hinges and cutting-edge anti-pick and anti-drill locks.
  • Energy efficiency and draughts – Just like windows, doors are often a main culprit for heat loss in our homes. If you feel cold spots or draughts around your front or back doors, it may be time to invest in a more energy efficient solution. We offer a huge selection of draught-free, low-maintenance, double glazed and weather-resistant front and back doors, so we’d love to help find your ideal door replacement
  • Damage – It’s no surprise that damaged doors are much easier to break into, and with burglaries annually rising, on average, by 25% at the end of October when the clocks go back, it’s imperative to make sure your doors are free of damage and working at their optimum level. If your door is damaged, why not browse our selection of high security front and back doors for inspiration for a far superior upgrade.

Chartwell green composite door

Other home checks to carry out this winter

  • Have spare keys cut and consider investing in a combination key lock box that you can place somewhere discrete in your front or rear garden.
  • Secure your side entrance with a padlock
  • Add extra lighting. When the dark nights draw in its safe to have your home as well-lit as possible.
  • Test your fire alarms and carbon monoxide alarms
  • Have gutters and drains cleared to avoid blockages as far more debris is likely to collect around this time of year
  • Have a boiler service to make sure your boiler is working at its optimum level to avoid an expensive fault. No one wants to go without hot water, especially in winter.
  • Keep paths clear and even to avoid slips, trips, and falls – especially as the icy weather sets in!
  • Install a home alarm system and/cameras
  • Install a smart doorbell with a camera
  • Hang thick curtains to help retain heat in your home and also deter prying eyes
  • Get a dog!

uPVC Windows

Secure your home ready for winter with Stormclad

Get the most out of your home winter after winter, with secure and stylish home improvements from Stormclad. For absolute peace of mind, contact the Stormclad team today.

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