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The last 10 years have seen window design has evolve significantly. If you’re looking to replace your home’s windows today you can rest assured that many products on the market are not only very energy efficient, but also very secure.

A good quality window isn’t just glass in a frame – it’s a highly-engineered assemblage of components. A reputable home improvements company will offer this quality of window as standard. They will also have ensured their products meet British standards such as PAS 24: 2012 for “Enhanced security performance requirements for doorsets and windows in the UK”.

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What is Secured by Design?

Secured by Design is an independent group that was established in 1989 as part of the Association of Chief Police Officers to evaluate the effectiveness of products against crime.

In other words this means that windows accredited by Secured by Design have been laboratory tested to ensure they can withstand attack against forced entry. Studies have shown that householders using Secured by Design accredited products are up to 75% less likely to be broken into than those that don’t.

Of course, as with anything, a window is only as strong as its weakest point. This means every component of the window – which includes the frame, profile, sealed unit, hinges and locking system – needs to be manufactured using high quality materials and to the highest possible standards.

For example at Stormclad we use a Twin Sliding Locking System (TSL) which for maximum protection boasts a bi-directional, dual espagnolette (many companies use a much less effective single system). Our windows are internally glazed using a high security beading (windows that are glazed externally can be removed from outside the home) and boast steel-reinforced frames. Other features include ferritic stainless steel locks, handles and hinges.