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Burglary is classed as a ‘property crime’, however the impact of burglary on victims tends to be far greater than other crimes of the same classification, such as shoplifting or vandalism.

Burglary invades the privacy and sanctity of the home, leaving many victims feeling vulnerable in the place they should feel safest. According to a study by psychiatrist Billie Corder: “The majority of victims say they will never have the same feeling of security and inviolability that they had in the past.”

Unfortunately, its classification as a property crime means those who commit burglary often receive light sentences, and the punishment fails to fit the crime.

Victim Support and ADT are currently campaigning to ensure victims get justice in court, as well as trying to improve the services and support available to victims of burglary. Find out more here, and here, and read more about the impact of burglary on victims, and how burglars are currently being sentenced, in the infographic below.

Protecting Your Home

The best way to prevent becoming a victim of burglary is to increase the security of your home, and make it less appealing to would-be burglars. We recommend:

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A leaflet on The Impact of Burglary On Victims.

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