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Orangeries have been the highlight of the English garden since the 15th century. Inspired by the Roman structures used to grow citrus trees, these opulent home additions feature solid brick pillars and large glazed windows. They often have stone or brick bases and a lantern roof, giving them a distinct appearance as well as incredible insulation.

If you’re considering getting a conservatory installed, it’s likely that you’re asking ‘do you need planning permission for an orangery?’. So we’ve answered all the commonly asked questions related to orangery planning permission in this blog.

Large classic Orangery in Nottingham.

Do I need planning permission for an orangery?

You may have ambitions of building your very own garden oasis but have been concerned by orangery planning permission. We’re here to help you understand what, where and when you need planning permission for an orangery.

An orangery is classed as a single-story extension as it is essentially a mix between a conservatory and a full home extension. It’s important to note you can build a single-storey extension without needing planning permission as long as you stay within certain parameters.

How big can you build an orangery without planning permission?

There are a few general rules that define how big you can build an orangery without planning permission. If you stick within these permitted development rights you could build quite a large orangery but it depends on factors like how big your home is if the home is detached or semidetached, listed and what side of your property you want to extend with the orangery.

  • The extension does not sit forward of the principal elevation
  • Materials should be similar to the original structure
  • Where it is within 2m of any boundary, the eaves cannot be higher than 3m, and no more than 4m in height otherwise
  • Side extensions: The width of the extension must not be greater than half the width of the original
  • Side extensions are not permitted on Article 1(5) Land (e.g. Conservation areas and AONB)
  • Rear extensions: No more than 8m in depth (detached house) or 6m in depth (semi-detached/terrace)

While these parameters provide some helpful guidance it is worth consulting the www.planningportal.co.uk for a full list of parameters and limitations. Conservatories and orangeries can vary slightly. However, as a general rule of thumb, they have to be built lower than the rest of the property.

Orangery planning permission in your local areaA beautiful light green Orangery.

If you’re worried your design may not fit into these measurements then you should contact your local planning authority or LPA. Planning authorities can help you get the permission you need to build a new orangery, make any major change to a building such as an expansive extension, and, change the use of a building completely. Applications can be completed online to ensure you don’t waste too much time waiting for appointments or visits. Consulting a contractor is another way to ensure you don’t have to worry about breaking any property rules. Understanding your place in the law is a must before any work can begin.

With all of these regulations, it’s easy to get hung up on being too limited. However, while orangeries have a distinctive style all their own, we offer versatile options to ensure your orangery fits your needs. Traditional orangeries are defined by their feature brick columns, glass parapet and large floorplan. They are distinctive and feature good insulation with our superior products ensuring seals, windows and doors keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Do you need building regs for an orangery?

Yes, you will need to meet building regulations for an orangery. This is because an orangery usually uses more brick than a conservatory construction. Orangeries also need to meet building regs if, as is common, the orangery requires an external wall to be removed, when you are using it to extend a room for example.

It is possible to build an orangery without building regs if the amount of glazing used is high enough, in a typical orangery this is not the case.

Building regulations approval is separate from planning permission but if you use us we have what is known as a competent person that can do this for you.

Orangery installations bespoke to your home

At Stormclad, we can help you design an orangery, conservatory, extension or hybrid. Looking for an orangery with lean-to roofs? Maybe you want to employ a lantern roof to match the rest of your home, whatever the case, we’re ready and waiting to help you design your dream orangery or extension.

Contact us today for more information on orangeries or book a free consultation and one of our dedicated team members will stop by to help you find the perfect space for you.