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Back in May 2019, the UK became the first country in the world to declare a climate emergency. We then became the world’s first major economy to pass proactive laws to cut greenhouse gas emissions to net-zero by 2050. This is an encouraging step in the right direction for the planet, although we still need to do better when it comes to recycling, considering England’s ‘waste from households’ recycling rate was 44.7% last year; down 0.5% from 45.2% in 2017.

Recycling is a fairly contentious subject when it comes to home improvement products, particularly uPVC windows. So, if you’re thinking about upgrading your Nottinghamshire home with sustainability in mind, it’s the ideal time to delve into the recyclable qualities of the window products that we have to offer.

Can uPVC windows be recycled?

This is probably the most common question we’re asked. For years people have claimed that uPVC windows cannot be recycled, but thanks to innovative developments in manufacturing techniques this is certainly not the case anymore. PVC is 100% recyclable, with a potential lifecycle of at least 350 years. Committed to doing our part for the environment and contributing to a cleaner future, we offer Deceuninck uPVC windows.

Deceuninck recycling makes a difference

Wooden Windows East Midlands

Timber windows and timber doors are natural insulators, retaining optimum amounts of heat alongside plenty of classic charm. In comparison to any other construction material, timber also requires the least amount of energy to process. Both of our timber suppliers are committed to minimising as much waste as possible. Following strict environmental policies, they do this by:

  • Sustainably sourcing all timber through the FSC® Scheme
  • Only purchasing specific lengths of timber
  • Using any excess timber to heat factories and offices
  • Converting any remaining timber into briquettes that are sold to local residents for use in wood-burning fires
  • Actively reducing paint waste by buying in bulk
  • Recycling anything left over

Aluminium Windows Nottinghamshire

An Origin OW-80 Premium Window looking out on to blue sky and trees.

Although aluminium needs a lot of energy to produce its raw state, it is the third most abundant element in the world. This is because aluminium can be recycled infinitely, with no impact on its performance whatsoever. Using just 5% of the energy required to produce it to recycle it, incredibly, estimates suggest that around 75% of all aluminium produced in the last 100 years or so is still in use today!

Ethically manufactured and constructed from premium grade aluminium, our aluminium windows are certified to ISO 14001; the international standard that specifies requirements for an effective environmental management system.

Eco-friendly windows, doors & conservatories East Midlands

If environmentally-friendly windows, doors or glazed extensions are important to you, contact the Stormclad team today for sustainable home improvement solutions that refuse to compromise on style, quality or performance.

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