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Flip open any glossy interiors magazine today, or flick through the channels for a show like Grand Designs, and there’s a good chance you’ll see bi-fold doors on display. Rarely the centrepiece, instead they’ll be a charming backdrop to a bright and airy room filled with picture-perfect people standing at a kitchen counter. It’s safe to say they are very much in fashion, but what is it about bi-fold doors that makes them so desirable?

Appearances are everything

The language of interiors – particularly when we’re talking about adding value to a property – speaks of spaces, and bi-fold doors instantly create the impression of a much larger, more vibrant space.

Bi-folding doors are simply doors with leafs that fold together as you slide them back, neatly stacking away to give you the ultimate feeling of openness in your home. Houses appear lighter. Living rooms or kitchens open up onto a patio, garden or even a balcony. Let the breeze flow through your home in the summer months, you can watch your pets laze around in the extra sunlight through the winter months – or let them trot outside using one, generic traffic door to keep in the heat.

But how is that different to an alternative door, such as a sliding door?

Conventional sliding patio doors usually fill a large area of a wall, but not the entire wall itself. They also slide over one another, meaning only half the space they cover is actually open – whereas bi-fold doors reveal the full width. That’s important, because in those summer months you may well want to remove any glass divide and enjoy having your garden or patio feel like a striking, full extension of the indoors.

Appeal for every homeowner

Bi-fold doors are one of the few types of home improvements that appeal to radically different interest groups – from discerning, environmentally conscious individuals to those who want to add elegance and value to their property. Aluminium bi-fold door options provide a range of colours to suit whatever brilliant design scheme you have in mind, so it’s no surprise that gives them more desirability from a practical point of view.

It goes without saying, but you don’t need a large property to take advantage of bi-fold doors. Yes, they can make a large property seem even more stunning. But their concertina folding mechanism means that they slide back neatly into place when open – saving space. And don’t forget, being in a smaller home, that wall of glass will open up any small space to look larger – meaning they’re common even in more modest city pads as they are in sprawling country retreats.

A security-conscious choice

Modern high specification bi-fold doors create a wall of glass with no obvious points of access between the outside and inside making them intrinsically secure. There are also multiple choices for locks on bi-fold doors, and they come packed with the latest technology such as anti-snap and anti-bump cylinders. With multi-point locking and inline tracking systems, it’s pretty much impossible to lift out the doors. Given we ensure all of our products are as secure as possible, our bi-fold doors exceed the latest security standards including PAS 23/24.

You’re only limited by your imagination

Design trends for interiors aren’t as swift as, say, the world of fashion, so it’s safe to say that the desirability of bi-fold doors is here to stay. Whether you want to open up your home or enhance your property’s thermal efficiency, there’s plenty about a bi-fold door to appeal to both head and heart.

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