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White uPVC window in Nottingham.With fuel prices on a seemingly never-ending incline the team at Stormclad decided to explore ways to boost the energy efficiency of the home, thereby decreasing the cost of the dreaded gas bill.

We have named the solution our ‘A rated windows’. The A rated window system seals all the heat inside your home. Yes; all of it.

A single paned window will emit around 84 per cent of a room’s heat into the cold air outside – that’s a lot of lost energy you’re paying for. Double glazing will cut this heat loss by around half. However, that still means you’re paying for approximately 40 per cent more heat than you’re using!

So how do our A rated windows work?

80 per cent of the heat lost through double glazed windows is not lost through the glass itself, but through the aluminium spacer bar which separates the window panes.

Our A rated windows have done away with this dated technology. In its place is a composite polymer material which is 950 times less conductive than aluminium, reducing the heat lost to almost zero. We call this ‘warm edge technology’.

In addition, our A rated windows are filled with Argon gas. In traditional double glazing, this gap is filled with dry air. This air does help to reduce heat loss, by creating an insulating barrier between the differing indoor and outdoor temperatures. It also reduces condensation and noise pollution.

However, Argon gas is much denser than air. This extra density makes the windows around 30 per cent more effective at retaining heat than traditional double glazing units.

But haven’t gas filled windows been around for many years?

Yes they have. Most commonly, they have been used in the construction of buildings made largely from glass; such as conservatories.

As so much of the buildings surface area is formed from glass, the structures are much more susceptible to heat loss and benefit greatly from the extra heat retention.

However, what sets our A rated windows apart from windows that are merely filled with Argon gas is the combination of warm edge technology and Argon filler.

When incorporated together, our windows become almost invincible to heat loss. To find out more about our range of windows, get in touch with our experts, they’ll be happy to answer your questions.