uPVC Windows in Nottingham, Derby and Leicester

Double glazed uPVC windows made-to-measure for any East Midlands home

Windows provide more than just natural light. They warm, protect and add character to the home, so choosing the right replacement window is a must. We offer new uPVC window styles to meet any specific needs and homes, from classic chocolate box cottages to modern glass-fronted mansions, ensuring that we have the perfect uPVC window design for you. Our industry-leading uPVC framed windows are rigorously tested, to give you peace of mind that your home is secure. And with outstanding thermal abilities, you'll instantly notice that your heating bills are kept low.

Our complete turnkey solution also means you get what you want, when you want it. We have a range of accredited suppliers, as well as a team of professionals ready and waiting to fit your windows. Whether you need a window for a single room or want to overhaul the whole house, we are perfectly equipped to meet your demands and deadlines.

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Why choose uPVC windows?

Here are just some of the benefits of our double glazed uPVC windows:

  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Lifespan of at least 25 years
  • Safe and secure
  • Weather-resistant
  • Won’t rot, corrode or fade
  • Versatile range of design options
  • Energy-efficient and insulating
  • Cost-effective material option

uPVC framed windows designs and styles

We recognise that every home is unique, and that’s why each uPVC window is skillfully designed, specifically tailored and hand-crafted by ourselves. We have a proven track record in delivering high quality, functional and stylish products that are built to last and are available with a range of finance packages.

Our uPVC window styles include casement, bay, flush sash, sliding sash and timber effect Residence Collection uPVC windows. Whatever replacement uPVC window you are looking for, we’ve got the perfect solution in our extensive collection.

As modern uPVC is so versatile, you’ll be able to choose from a plethora of colour options, window styles and decorative options. Whether it be contemporary anthracite grey uPVC windows, to classic white windows or something a bit more vibrant, we offer a completely tailored solution to make sure that they add kerb value to any style of property.

Efficient double glazed uPVC windows in Nottingham

Modern uPVC is superbly energy efficient. Our uPVC double glazed windows benefit from multi-chambered frames which trap the heat inside and stop the draughts from entering for an insulated home regardless of the weather conditions outside. Save on your energy bills with our pioneering uPVC frames.

Durable and robust uPVC frames

Durability is a core value in every task we undertake. Each product in our range of uPVC windows faces rigorous quality testing at each stage of the manufacturing process, ensuring a consistently high standard for weather resistance.

The multi-layered frame design maximises their resilience from strong winds, rain and other outdoor conditions. They won’t weaken or deteriorate over time, for a long-lasting solution. If you reside in a coastal area which is prone to harsher weathers, you can be sure that they’ll continue to perform in every aspect.

How does double glazing work?

Double glazing uses two panes of glass that surround a section that is filled with argon-gas. The panes of glass are able to break up currents of airflow, which stops energy wastage and heat escaping through the glass panes.  In the same way, draughts are kept out so you’ll no longer experience issues of cold spots in your rooms.

As a leading window supplier, our innovative double glazed windows excel in their thermal performances.  The intelligent panes of glass helps minimise heat loss in the winter months and minimises glare in the summer months, meaning that your home is kept energy efficient all year round. You’ll be able to save on heating bills as well as improve your home’s environmental footprint thanks to their outstandingly low U-values and high energy ratings.

uPVC double glazing is virtually maintenance-free

One of the key reasons that uPVC is so popular with homeowners across Nottingham, Leicester and Derby is because it needs little to no upkeep to ensure that they look and perform like new. Our modern uPVC frames use industry-leading manufacturing techniques and are coated in a robust outer layer which will stop the frames from deteriorating in tough weather conditions. The anti-fade coating keeps the window colour frame looking exactly like they did on the day they were installed.

Replacement windows from our  range of uPVC windows are ideal for the busy lifestyle of homeowners nowadays. There’s no need to worry about applying wood varnish or them warping, rotting or cracking; choose uPVC for a long-lasting and low-maintenance option.

Security is a priority with our uPVC installations

With Stormclad, you can be confident in the security of your home as we’re a leading window supplier and installer. Our windows use a Twin Sliding Locking System (TSL) that features a bi-directional, dual espagnolette for maximum protection. Many products on the market use a single system that is easy to force, leaving your home vulnerable to unwanted intruders.

Alongside the TSL system, we offer Yale security products. This worldwide name in security offers enhanced resistance against intrusion. We can fit all of our windows with hinge protectors at the back of the sash, and fire escape hinges are fitted where required by building control legislation.

Why Choose Stormclad?

How do we create your new windows?

1 We Establish Your Requirements

Once you send over a quote with your requests, we will send over one of our designers to go through a free consultation.

Our designers are highly trained professionals who will listen to your requirements and offer you a solution that ultimately meets your needs.

2 On-Site Survey

With the design process complete and the price agreed, your details will be passed onto your technical surveyor who will get in touch within an advised period of time to book your survey.

During the technical survey, every aspect of your installation is covered including taking precise measurements, recording technical requirements and documenting all the fine details.

3 Installation

With your survey completed, details finalised and signed off, we then setup the following:

1. All materials are put into production in the UK.

2. We will schedule the delivery and installation of each stage of your build.

3. We will confirm when your installation will commence.

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