Wooden doors in Nottingham, Derby and Leicester

A timeless wooden door design tailor made for you

Our wooden doors will effortlessly suit both old and new East Midlands homes thanks to their versatile range of designs. We offer a variety of elegant colours and styles to suit your personal tastes, from contemporary wooden front doors to classical French doors, we cater to every style of property, including listed buildings. We can incorporate both traditional and modern decorative hardware options to perfectly finish their appearance.

Not only do wooden doors offer a premium aesthetic, but they’re also a great investment. They’ll add value to your home, and with minimal maintenance, they can last a lifetime. A natural insulator, you’ll notice that the room is a more comfortable temperature, reducing your energy bills too!

With over 20 years of experience serving homeowners across Nottingham, Leicester and Derby, we can design and install the ideal door solution for you. We use only responsibly sourced timber materials and with a range of industry accreditations, we’re a leading installer that you can trust.

Our high-quality wood provides a range of modern benefits

Timber has consistently been used as a door material over the years, thanks to its unparalleled quality and authentic appearance. We use the highest-quality wood available on the market to ensure that they’ll continue to perform and look as good as new for their lifespan. They can last up to 50 years, so won’t need replacing any time soon.

Modern timber eliminates the older problems of warping, rotting and cracking, giving you the assurance that they won’t require continual upkeep. We finish our wooden products in an innovative coating that stops them from fading and also eliminates them from absorbing moisture and weakening over time. They boast weather-resistance capabilities that tired doors aren’t able to achieve. To elongate their lifetimes, our low-maintenance timber front and back doors only require a yearly coat of varnish to protect the natural wood from the elements.

A secure front or back door to protect your home

Timber is one of the strongest construction materials; with a dense core and constructed from one singular pane of wood, it won’t succumb to forced entry. It’s durability and strength has been rigorously tested to common burglary methods, including snapping, drilling and forces, and they pass strict British Standards, giving you peace of mind that your home is safe and secure.

As leading double-glazing installers, we include only top-quality locking systems to further enhance their security. This includes multi-point locking systems, a three-point deadbolt lock and anti-bump and drill cylinders. You won’t find a sturdier and more robust door design!

Energy efficient timber front and back doors

Timber is a naturally insulating material, able to achieve industry-leading energy efficiency abilities. Our high-quality wooden door panels and frames will actively retain the warmth inside of your home and eliminate any cold elements from entering. All of our timber doors are obtained through renewable supplies, further reducing your home’s carbon footprint as they help to protect the world’s natural resources.

If your front or back door design incorporates glass panels or decorative glazing, we utilise our high-performance double glazing to further increase the door’s thermal performance. Its innovative design includes two dense glazing panels that surround an argon-gas filled cylinder, along with inventive spacer bars and tightly sealed frames. A draught-free design, their energy-efficient abilities will reduce your heating bills.

A new timber front or back door unique to your home

We offer a range of sustainably sourced hardwood or softwood options, so you can choose the ideal material to suit both your home and budgets. Our timber range includes Accoya, Sapele, European Oak or European Redwood, and can be finished in an array of elegant colours and grain finishes to enhance the character of your home. The premium appearance of new timber doors is a sure way to add the ‘wow-factor’ to the front or back of your property.

Wooden doors for listed properties

Our collection of bespoke timber doors are commonly approved for use in conservation areas; they’re also the ideal solution for listed properties where building regulations may restrict the home improvements a property owner can make. The natural appearance and authentic texture of wood simply can’t be achieved by any other material. With such a plethora of styles available and a range of classical hardware features and decorative glazing options, we can create the ideal design to seamlessly blend with the exterior and interior of your listed home.

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