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uPVC front doors are stylish, secure and affordable

Replacing your current ageing front door with one that will smoothly match existing décor couldn’t be simpler, with our state-of-the-art collection of low-maintenance uPVC front doors. Sourcing only but the best, we utilise the ‘Nice Door’ – the UK’s first uPVC door manufacturer to offer coloured, flat and feature door panels.

As the uPVC door of choice for leading installers and homeowners throughout the East Midlands and beyond, with four high-performance collections and a whole host of colours, glazing, hardware and accessories to choose from, you can have the door of your dreams.

Covering Nottingham, Derby and the East Midlands, get in touch with our team of experts to see how our thrilling uPVC door collection can enhance your home in a variety of ways.

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Bespoke uPVC Front Doors in Nottingham

‘Nice’ is an understatement when it comes to our uPVC front door range! With an array of stunning designs and colours, including classic favourites such as woodgrain-effect rosewood, Sherwood oak, mahogany and Irish Oak, as well as on-trend shades like Anthracite Grey and Chartwell Green, we offer uPVC doors that are affordable yet stylish.

Finishing touches come in the form of decorative glazed panels, high-quality leaded glass effects and optional illuminating side panels, alongside a range of matching handles, letter plates and door knockers. From traditional-looking glazed uPVC doors to modern solid panelled uPVC doors, whatever your preference we’re confident we’ll get it right first time.

Highly durable uPVC front doors

Featuring a high density, strengthening polystyrene core, a sound night’s sleep comes as standard with a high-quality uPVC front door from Stormclad. Introducing an innovative ‘CoolSkin’ layer that actively resists fading, rotting, scratches, warping, bowing and cracking, the inclusion of this incredibly thick sheet of laminate makes it a highly weatherable entrance opportunity too.

Accommodating security-conscious homeowners, uPVC front doors from Stormclad feature multipoint locking as standard and there’s even an option to strengthen your design further by adding reinforced frames and panels if you wish.

Thermally efficient uPVC front doors that lower energy bills

It’s important to note that uPVC front doors are excellent insulators, thanks to their energy-efficient polystyrene cores and internally constructed chambers that form a substantial barrier against the cold. This innovative structure will keep your home warmer by retaining more heat, and when combined with high-performance windows will work together to notably lower energy bills in time.

Keeping waste to an absolute minimum, our uPVC doors follow a strict recycling programme which includes:

  • Timber sourced from sustainably managed forests
  • 100% solvent-free adhesives
  • Transport sharing

Advanced uPVC door security

You can rest easy when you choose a uPVC front door from Stormclad for your home. They’re sure to deter any would-be home intruder and here’s why:

Each uPVC door from Stormclad is fully reinforced and fitted with robust hinges and locking mechanisms. Our reliable multi-point locking system ensures our doors lock firmly into their frame. All of our doors are certified as either PAS 23, PAS 24 or Secured by Design, depending on your agreed specification.

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What's the difference between composite doors and uPVC doors?

Quite simply, composite doors offer superior security features in comparison to uPVC doors. We’re not saying that uPVC doors aren’t strong, because they are. But due to the way they’re constructed, a composite door is far more robust and will last considerably longer than a uPVC door. Those that want a durable, low maintenance and budget-friendly front door tend to opt for uPVC doors, whereas homeowners looking for a solid, statement-making investment typically go for composite doors.

Composite vs. uPVC Doors

If your garden or patio is in need of a new lease of life, Stormclad also offers high quality uPVC French doors and patio doors.

Get in touch with our professionals today for more information on our products and finance options.

Why Choose Stormclad?

How do we create your new uPVC doors?

1 We Establish Your Requirements

Once you send over a quote with your requests, we will send over one of our designers to go through a free consultation.

Our Designers are highly trained professionals who will listen to your requirements and offer you a solution that ultimately meets your needs.

2 On-Site Survey

With the design process complete and the price agreed, your details will be passed onto your Technical Surveyor who will get in touch within an advised period of time to book your survey.

During the technical survey, every aspect of your installation is covered including taking precise measurements, recording technical requirements and documenting all the fine details.

3 Installation

With your survey completed, details finalised and signed off, we then setup the following:

1. All materials are put into production in the UK.

2. We will schedule the delivery and installation of each stage of your build.

3. We will confirm when your installation will commence.

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