French Doors in Nottingham, Derby and Leicester

French doors can be tailored to suit traditional or modern designs

What better way to let the outside come flooding in than by simply opening your French doors to create a fabulous open space into your garden. All of the French Doors that we offer, including uPVC, timber and aluminium, boast excellent energy-saving properties and are extremely secure. Upgrade to the superior performances that you'd expect of a modern replacement glazed door.

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Why choose new French doors from Stormclad?

French doors are incredibly versatile. In addition to being able to choose the material, colour, style and hardware, you can also choose how they open. We can install French doors that open outwards or inwards, and you can even opt for French doors that open all the way, allowing even better ventilation and access to your garden. This flexibility means they can easily suit any space in your home.

Regardless of the material that you choose, with our bespoke collection of French doors, you can be sure that your home’s performance will be improved. We use our advanced double glazing which achieves incredibly low U-values within the specification which reduces energy wastage.  So your home will be much more insulated and you’ll be able to save on your energy bills.

Every French door is fitted with a variety of advanced security features and has been rigorously tested to common burglary methods, giving you peace of mind that your home is safe and secure. They’re also incredibly robust, and won’t succumb to harsh weathers. With replacement French doors from Stormclad, you can be sure that they will continue to perform like new for many years to come.

uPVC French doors

If you want all the refinement and class of traditional timber French doors but with all the benefits of a modern material, then look no further than our uPVC range. Boasting some of the most versatile styles, they’re available in a host of glazing options and a superb selection of colours, tailor-designed to your home. Whether you’re looking for sleek grey French doors or traditional timber effect, we cater to any personal tastes.

uPVC is made using a multi-chambered frame which makes it incredibly energy efficient. You’ll instantly notice that your room is a more comfortable environment, with no draughts able to enter. As we use only the highest quality uPVC materials, it’s incredibly robust and weather resistant and won’t need any maintenance for its lifetime.


Bespoke designs

Thermally efficient

Manufactured in the UK

Timber French doors

Our timber French doors will add a heritage character to any home they’re applied to. As we can design them in a variety of stunning colours or classic woodgrain finishes, they can complement both old and new homes. Our authentic wooden French doors truly are the pinnacle of sophistication.

We source only sustainably grown timber from responsibly managed forests. This ensures that it’s of the highest quality possible, so you’ll benefit from even greater thermal performances and home security. It’s the ideal choice for homeowners looking for an environmentally friendly option as it requires less energy in its overall supply chain than other materials.

Naturally insulating

Authentic finish

Sustainably sourced

Aluminium French doors

Combining the traditional style with a modern touch, our aluminium French Doors are great to maximise the natural light that is let into your home, whilst letting you enjoy more of the outdoor views. This is because of their slimline frames. With their smooth finish, they can be designed in a plethora of colour choices or woodgrain effects, depending on your desired style. Hinged to open a full 180 degrees, they can be manufactured to open inwards or outwards to maximise on space, but will only open as far as the brick or wall will allow.

Upgrading to bespoke aluminium French doors is a sure way to add value to your home, thanks to their impressive lifespans and performances. Aluminium uses thermally broken frames to retain the warmth inside of your home for excellent thermal insulation, and it’s incredibly strong. So no matter the forces applied to it, it will stay intact, keeping your home protected.


Slimline frames

Inherently robust

Energy efficient

Composite French doors

Our composite French door offering features any of the single doors in our current composite range. Composite fuses two high-performance materials together for superior performances in all aspects, so you can benefit from all of the excellent thermal efficiency and incredible security features in a stylish double option.

Upgrading to composite French doors is a sure way to really add kerb appeal to your home and make it stand out from the rest. You can choose from a plethora of colours, wood effects and bespoke finishes for a unique design. They are suitable for both the rear and the front of your home, giving you utmost style on a grand scale.


Unique designs

Secure and durable

Thermally advanced

Design your own door

Create your own composite door, using our online door designer and choose from a variety of styles such as traditional, contemporary, stable and French doors. You can then customise your choice with a great selection of colours, glazing options and hardware. Your finished design will be sent to one of our team and we’ll then give you a free, no obligation quote.

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Design Your Own

Why Choose Stormclad?

How do we create your new doors?

1 We Establish Your Requirements

Once you send over a quote with your requests, we will send over one of our designers to go through a free consultation.

Our Designers are highly trained professionals who will listen to your requirements and offer you a solution that ultimately meets your needs.

2 On-Site Survey

With the design process complete and the price agreed, your details will be passed onto your Technical Surveyor who will get in touch within an advised period of time to book your survey.

During the technical survey, every aspect of your installation is covered including taking precise measurements, recording technical requirements and documenting all the fine details.

3 Installation

With your survey completed, details finalised and signed off, we then setup the following:

1. All materials are put into production in the UK.

2. We will schedule the delivery and installation of each stage of your build.

3. We will confirm when your installation will commence.

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