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Looking for a front door that will keep your home safe and stylish?

If your timber or uPVC front door has warped or degraded over time, it’s time to look at alternatives like the cutting-edge composite door. Unbeaten in terms of sophistication and performance, Stormclad is proud to offer the UK’s best composite doors from market-leaders Solidor.

Able to enhance and secure any type of property in the Midlands, the range of designs, colours, glazing, hardware and accessories available are exceptional. Stormclad composite doors in Nottingham let you push the boundaries and create an entrance that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

Covering Nottingham, Derby and the East Midlands, get in touch with our team of experts to see how our charming composite door collection can revitalize your home inside and out.

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Design your own composite doors in Nottingham, Derby and Leicester

Using our online door designer, create your own composite door by choosing from a variety of styles such as traditional, contemporary, stable and French doors. You can then customise your choice with a great selection of colours, glazing options and hardware with our composite doors in Nottingham, Leicester and Derby. Your finished design will be sent to one of our team who will provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.

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What is a composite door?

The term ‘composite’ literally means made up of several parts, that when combined, create a much stronger material. There are two types of composite door; GRP composite doors and timber core composite doors. Timber core composite doors provide the most reliable front door at 48mm thick, thanks to the intelligent combination of timber and robust thermo-plastic ABS skin. (ABS is the same material that Lego is made from!)

Delivering the market’s largest range of colours and finishes, choose from on-trend Anthracite Grey to an authentic Golden Oak finish and everything else in between. Dedicated to offering the very best home improvements around, our timber core composite doors from Solidor are the most secure composite doors on the market.

What is the difference between a composite door and a uPVC door?

uPVC doors are still very popular throughout the Midlands, thanks to their cost-effective, low-maintenance and weather-resistant features. However, uPVC front doors tend to offer fewer opportunities for personalisation and more modern designs in comparison to composite doors. uPVC doors are not as secure or thermally efficient as composite doors either, which are generally around 28mm thick and filled with polystyrene.

Compare this to our 48mm, solid timber core and ABS coated composite doors, that can achieve U-values of 1.5 W/m2 whilst being able to be enhanced further with triple glazing or laminated glass, and it’s clear to see why many homeowners across the Midlands are strengthening their homes with long-lasting composite doors.

The UK’s most secure composite door

Absolute peace of mind comes naturally with our composite door collection, which actively resists the commonly associated issues that timber and uPVC doors are susceptible to – such as warping, contracting and discolouration.

Thanks to the inclusion of insurance and Police approved locking systems, we really can offer the UK’s most secure composite door. Locking options include:

  • The burglar-proof Ultion Lock

Features: Lock snap security, ‘Lockdown Mode’, 11 pins & lock drilling protection.

  • Lock Lock

Features: No cylinder needed, curved finish, patented spindle lock, tough fixings, fully reinforced design, no keys required.

  • AV3

Features: Automatic multi-point locking system, frame-side magnetic release, sturdy hooks and sealing elements, optional daytime release function.

  • Avantis Lock

Features: Exclusive to Solidor, the largest and strongest hook and bolt system available, the market’s first 25mm triangulated dead bolt, high-security deadlock.

  • Key Wind Up / Heritage AV2

Features: Both fit in with typical Edwardian and Georgian property stylings, Secured by Design and PAS23 and PAS24 accredited.

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Composite Doors Nottingham

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Why Choose Stormclad?

How do we create your new composite door?

1 We Establish Your Requirements

Once you send over a quote with your requests, we will send over one of our designers to go through a free consultation.

Our designers are highly trained professionals who will listen to your requirements and offer you a solution that ultimately meets your needs.

2 On-Site Survey

With the design process complete and the price agreed, your details will be passed onto your technical surveyor who will get in touch within an advised period of time to book your survey.

During the technical survey, every aspect of your installation is covered including taking precise measurements, recording technical requirements and documenting all the fine details.

3 Installation

With your survey completed, details finalised and signed off, we then setup the following:

1. All materials are put into production in the UK.

2. We will schedule the delivery and installation of each stage of your build.

3. We will confirm when your installation will commence.

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