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Many older conservatories don’t benefit from modern materials and up to date construction techniques.

As such you may well encounter a number of problems including doors that don’t close properly, leaky guttering and roof, draughty glazing and damp on internal walls.

Any of these can have such a detrimental effect, that what was once a pleasant space for all the family becomes a no-go area.

Contact our specialists for a quality conservatory refurbishment in Nottingham, Derby and across the Midlands.

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Contemporary Style

We can give your old conservatory a new lease of life by refurbishing it for you. We are able to offer a variety of conservatory makeovers such as roof replacement, window replacement and new flooring to use the most up to date materials and construction methods. We can give you a new colour, design or an alternative to swings doors such as bi-fold or sliding. Whatever your needs you can rest assured that at the end of the project you’ll have a beautiful new addition to your home.

Smarter Way To Extend Your Home

In most cases refurbishing your old conservatory makes real cost effective sense. This is because in many cases we will be able to utilise some of the old components to give you a beautiful airy room that you can use 365 days whatever the weather outside. Even if this means rebuilding a new structure on your old conservatory’s base if it is structurally sound and able to take the weight.

Before we embark upon any Refurbishment for you we’ll test to make sure that any new components that are added such as a new roof are suitable and the existing frame scan take the load. In addition, our Designers will give you all the options that are available to you in terms of materials, style, colours and finishing touches.

Performance Glass

One of the key factors in ensuring your refurbished conservatory becomes a usable space every day of the year is to specify the correct glazing depending upon your home’s orientation to the sun. Our intelligent glass offers a completely bespoke solution because not only does it keep the heat in on cold days, it reflects solar energy back out on hot days. The result is your refurbished conservatory is always comfortable, unlike the no-go zone that you had before.

Why Choose Stormclad?

Bespoke Design Service

Our Designers are highly trained professionals who will listen to your requirements and offer you a solution that ultimately meets your needs.

Hassle Free Installation

All of our materials throughout out product are put into production in the UK and fitted by our expert team of installers.

FREE Quotation

Our products are bespoke items designed to specifically suit you and your home. Book your FREE one hour Design Consultation today.

How do we refurbish your old conservatory?

1 We Establish Your Requirements

Once you send over a quote with your requests we will send over one of our designers to go through a free consultation.

Our designers are highly trained professionals who will listen to your requirements and offer you a solution that ultimately meets your needs.

2 On-Site Survey

With the design process complete and the price agreed, your details will be passed onto your technical surveyor who will get in touch within an advised period of time to book your survey.

During the technical survey, every aspect of your installation is covered including taking precise measurements, recording technical requirements and documenting all the fine details.

3 Installation

With your survey completed, details finalised and signed off, we then setup the following:

1. All materials are put into production in the UK.

2. We will schedule the delivery and installation of each stage of your build.

3. We will confirm when your installation will commence.

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