Carport & Veranda FAQs

All products that Stormclad Home Improvements install are of the very highest quality, featuring thorough design, manufacture and installation methods, we aim to deliver the most durable and practical products on the market, coupled with the most attractive and striking designs.

When we have completed installing your new carport or veranda, we leave the pride and responsibility to you. However, we are on hand to honour any guarantees, as well as offer any extra assistance required. It is also worth remembering we cannot maintain your products on a day to day basis – that is up to you. With this in mind, we are keen to ensure that our materials and products remain in the highest working order,  so please don’t hesitate to contact us for any and all concerns.


Carport & Veranda FAQs

How much do Stormclad carports or verandas cost?

As every home is different we operate on a design and quote basis, which means we don’t have set prices. If you would like to get a quote, please call our sales team on 0115 970 8077 or complete our design consultation booking form to arrange a free design appointment.

What sort of carports do you supply?

We have an excellent range of lean-to carports to suit any size or style of vehicle.

What materials do Stormclad canopies and carports come in?

Stormclad carports are built using powder coat aluminium framing and a choice of polycarbonate or glass roofing, designed to your unique specification. Our over-door canopies are manufactured from GRP fibreglass, available in a full range of colours and styles.

Do we need planning permission?

This depends on where the carport or canopy will be fitted. Our technical Surveyor reviews every individual case and, should you need planning permission for your carport or canopy, we will fully manage the application from start to finish.

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