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P-shape Rosewood conservatory roof replacement

Old polycarbonate conservatory roofing is an issue we often encounter across the East Midlands and further afield. This is an example of another satisfied customer we’ve helped get the most out of their conservatory space, with the least amount of hassle involved.

Pain Points


Rosewood conservatory

Due to incorrect installation, insufficient structural support from the frames below meant that the original polycarbonate roof had settled badly, pushing the original frames of this P-Shaped conservatory out of shape. Like many East Midlands homeowners, the customer believed the only option was to start from scratch.

The Solution

Refined Rosewood Glazed Conservatory Roof Replacement

Searching for the highest quality whilst remaining competitive, the customer was led to the Stormclad website and, following a free design consultation, was delighted to learn that their misaligned conservatory roof could be replaced. Upgrading to a new Ultraframe roof, the Stormclad team worked tirelessly to seamlessly match the Rosewood effect woodgrain foil with the existing frames. Special attention was taken to ensure that all the existing frames were re-fixed and aligned to accept the new conservatory roofing system. An additional structural support was also built to support the front frames and rear walls, to accommodate the additional weight of the new roof and glazing.


Rosewood conservatory

The Results

Thermally sound SMARTGLASS®

Replacing the inefficient polycarbonate roofing with stylish bronze tinted Smartglass glazing, on closer inspection of the many benefits surrounding energy efficient Smart glass, the customer decided to go ahead and replace all the glazing too. The heightened clarity is instantly noticeable, creating a radiant, warm space that was clearly absent beforehand.

Rosewood vs Mahogany – What’s the difference?

Rosewood vs mahogony

With a wide range of woodgrain “real timber” effects to choose from, Rosewood remains a popular choice for new uPVC windows, doors, and glazed extension spaces. Delivering bold red tones that refuse to compromise on modern-day performance, homeowners seem to prefer Rosewood’s swirling woodgrain with its authentic knots and waves, compared to the slightly more subtly toned, straight woodgrain of Mahogany.

Add value and kerb appeal with a charming conservatory roof replacement

From classic timber-effect conservatories to modern aluminium glazed extensions, contact the Stormclad team today for all your home improvement needs.

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