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Bespoke Orangery installation in Plungar, Leicestershire

A Bespoke Orangery in White with 2800 Decorative Windows and Two French Doors featuring SMARTGLASS® Technology for all Year Comfort.

Pain Points

The Adams felt that their existing conservatory could not be used when it was too hot or cold outside and it only offered them limited space for when family and friends came to stay. They needed a solution that would offer extra room and be fitting with their property’s design whilst also harmonising with their garden. They required a product that could be used all year around and would allow light to flood into their home. It also needed to be thermally efficient as they were unsure if installing a new, larger conservatory would add to their fuel bills.

The Solution

After researching home improvement companies online and receiving positive reviews from friends, Mr and Mrs Adams decided to approach Stormclad. All of our projects are bespoke designs for the simple reason that all of our customers’ homes and requirements are unique to them. Dean Goodwin, our Senior Designer, therefore arranged for one of our experienced Designers, Paul Close, to visit their property to have a free one-hour Design Consultation with them. During the Consultation, Paul listened to what they wanted to gain from a new conservatory extension before providing a detailed specification of what could be achieved for their budget.

He proposed a bespoke orangery with brick pillars in white uPVC that would be 4.5M square giving them additional floor space of 20.25M2, or approximately 215 square feet. In order to make it extremely thermally efficient whilst also not overheating in the summer, Paul specified SMARTGLASS® Plus+ Blue in the roof – this is some of the most innovative glass on the market giving a G-Value of 28% meaning that it reflects 72% of the sun’s heat. He also specified SMARTGLASS®-W for the Windows and French Doors that blocks out approximately 50% of the sun’s rays. Both glazing systems are self-cleaning, reduce noise and have a U-Value of 1 meaning they minimise heat loss during the winter months.

White uPVC Orangery and Garden

In order to maximise the light that would stream into the Adam’s property, Paul designed the orangery to incorporate a LivinRoom pelmet. This is the section that sits between the walls and the roof and can be seen in the gallery that goes with this case study. In traditional conservatories, it is made of brick requiring more building work to be carried out during the installation. Our LivinRoom pelmet is a prefabricated system that is much quicker to install and in this project’s case would be fitted with recessed spotlights to create a pleasant ambience in the evening.
Two French Doors were also incorporated into the finished design. One set located internally between the property’s existing living space and the other set located externally opening up onto the patio. Both would be in white uPVC 2800 Decorative casement frames, as would be the window frames that would make up the walls of the orangery.

Internal Orangery Door Open

The rest of the structure would feature 300mm brick pillars, a 400mm dwarf wall and four double sockets inside. Another important factor from a structural point of view was that because the garden is on a slope the orangery’s base would need to be built up so that it was level with the existing property. All internal walls of the new orangery would be plastered throughout to give a clean finish for painting.
Once Paul had come up with the design he presented it to Mr & Mrs Adams as a three-dimensional CAD drawing so that they could see exactly what it would like when built. They were extremely pleased with had been proposed and placed their order with Stormclad so that their orangery could be put into manufacture.

Project Overview

Mr and Mrs Adams live in a detached 4-bedroom property in the picturesque village of Plungar in Leicestershire that has expansive views of the surrounding countryside. They have spent a lot of time and effort in creating a beautiful garden that completely surrounds their home. Not only did they want an extension that gave them more space and complemented their house, they also wanted it to ensure it was within their specific budget.

The Results

Throughout their project, our Installation Team kept Mr and Mrs Adams fully up to date with all scheduling for the various stages of the project until it was completed and signed off to their complete satisfaction.

External Orangery with Wine

The finished orangery beautifully complements the couple’s home and provides an abundance of natural light with gorgeous views across their garden during all seasons. They have found that their energy bills haven’t increased at all because of the excellent thermal efficiency properties of the materials specified in the design. The couple now enjoys spending time in their orangery which has proved to the perfect room that can be used for entertaining or relaxing any time of day and in all weathers.

This is what Mrs Adams had to say about her experience of choosing Stormclad for her new orangery:

“I’m so pleased with the outcome of our orangery, which has given us panoramic views of our garden and beyond, it’s like being in the garden but with the security and comfort of sitting inside. It’s changed the whole look and feel of the house and we love it.

Paul was very knowledgeable from the outset and the team kept in constant contact with us throughout the entire process. I’d like to thank everybody at Stormclad for being so considerate of us and our home throughout the installation. It was a very smooth process and I would definitely use Stormclad again as they were very pleasant to work with and delivered the project within our budget.”


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