Why is My Double Glazing Misting Up?

Why is My Double Glazing Misting Up?

Date Posted

21st February 2017


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Condensation on a window with 'WET'Have you ever noticed condensation on your windows, tried to wipe it off, but found it stays put? This is because the condensation is actually between the two panes that form a double glazed window.

Tony Dunn, our sales director, says “between the two panes that form double glazing is a vacuum that will be filled with either a gas (like argon gas) or air. The result is a thermal barrier that prevents heat transfer, keeping cold air out and warm air in. If condensation forms between the two panes it means the glazed unit has ‘blown’ and damp air is able to enter the unit.

Unfortunately when this happens it’s not possible to repair the unit – the only solution is to replace it.

To do this you’ll need to contact a reputable home improvements company. They will be able to measure for a new unit, get it manufactured, and install it.

However it’s worth bearing in mind that it’s generally older double glazed units that suffer from this problem. Modern technology and materials allow for the production of windows that are extremely thermally efficient and secure.

For example, modern units boast energy-efficient boosting features like multi-chambered frames and co-extruded gaskets.

In other words, when you consider the potential savings on fuels bills offered by modern window units it may be more cost-effective to have a new window installed, rather than simply replacing the ‘blown’ unit.”

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