Valentine’s Day Coming Up? Turn Your Home into a Romantic Getaway

Valentine’s Day Coming Up? Turn Your Home into a Romantic Getaway

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31st January 2019


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Valentine’s Day can cause a lot of panic and stress as couples fight for bookings at busy restaurants. To take advantage of this event, restaurants will often hike up their prices or limit their menu leaving you and your loved one with few options and expensive bills. Instead of going out why not bring the romance home with a meal for two in your very own conservatory.

There is no venue more exclusive and no meal more romantic than a homemade meal under the stars. So with that in mind, we’ve got a few ideas and themes to get your creative juices flowing and hopefully help you sweep your paramour off their feet.

Moroccan Riad

Morocco is a country renowned for exoticism. From famous dishes like tagines to rich fabrics, surprising your partners with a romantic Moroccan getaway is sure to leave them astounded. This theme is easier to set up than you might think. Styled after a Moroccan riad, your conservatory draped in fabrics, cushions and candles will form the perfect backdrop to a romantic dinner for two.

Valentines Day Tagine

Preparing a menu for the night is just as easy with traditional stews, flatbreads and salads quick and easy to make. Focus on a rustic and casual menu and your partner will see an adventurous side that may just surprise them.

French Bistro

French Bistro Idea for Valentines Dinner

Do you fancy yourself a bit of a gourmand? Maybe your partner is a bit of a Francophile? French cuisine has long been considered the measure of good cooking and where better to show off your culinary skills than in your very own Parisienne restaurant. The French bistro look and feel is relatively easy to set up. A clean white table cloth, a bottle of wine, glasses, a simple candle arrangement and some lilting French songs are all that’s needed. Set against the backdrop of your conservatory or orangery, your Valentine bistro will take your partner’s breath away.

Chocolate Fondant Valentines Dessert Idea

French cuisine is varied and doesn’t have to cost the earth. You can create the perfect menu for you and your partner and enjoy Valentine’s Day without the hustle, bustle or stress of going out.

Classic Italian Trattoria

Trattoria Decor Inspiration for Valentines Day

Much like its European neighbour, Italy is a popular place for romantic getaways. From the sights of the eternal city of Rome to the sun-kissed coastline of Bari, Italy has long held a special place in people’s hearts. This makes this country the perfect inspiration for a romantic dinner for two. With an Italian theme, you can be as casual or as specialised as you like. A simple trattoria with red and white tablecloths, rustic furniture and candles in empty wine bottles can add just as much atmosphere as a fancy fine-dining restaurant.

Margherita pizza for Valentines Date

As for the menu, the options are endless. Seafood, pasta, pizza, roasts, casseroles and gelato are just the tip of the iceberg so dig out a cookbook and get inspired this Valentine’s Day.

First Date

Openair Cinema for First Date Idea

One surefire way to impress your Valentine date is to show off how much you remember about your first date. Whether it was a trip to the movies, a drink at the pub or a cheeky Nando’s, you can recreate the scene at home. Decorate your conservatory with memorabilia or bring in a projector to recreate the feeling of going to a cinema. Perhaps find a copy of the film you first saw together too. Whatever your special memory, you and your Valentine will revel in reliving it.

Popcorn for Valentines Movie Date

Fan Favourites

Vietnam Inspiration for Valentines Day

Last but not least is just bringing together whatever your Valentine likes the most. Maybe that trip to Vietnam really inspired them. Whatever it is, show off how considerate you are by planning a menu of all their favourite dishes. This romantic gesture is easy to plan as it relies on one thing, your partner.

Couples Sushi for Valentines Day

Food and decor don’t even need to match. The unifying theme behind this idea is a celebration of your Valentine. So go crazy. Pair sushi with a chocolate fondant for dessert. Mix retro with modern, classy with kitsch and romantic with silly to turn February 14th into a celebration of your partner.

Set under the stars in your conservatory or orangery, you’ll find an easy way to impress your partner. With a little bit of planning and a whole load of thought, you can enjoy Valentine’s Day without the stress. If you’re thinking of adding a conservatory, orangery or glazed extension to your home then Stormclad is for you. We have a wide range of options and a dedicated team, ready to help you realise the full potential of your home.

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