Using Your Conservatory Year-Round: A Guide

Using Your Conservatory Year-Round: A Guide

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12th February 2019


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Modern conservatories have come a long way from the greenhouses of Victorian England. Advancements in heating, insulation, glass and other materials have made conservatories spaces to be enjoyed all year round. Whether looking for somewhere to stay cool and enjoy the sights and sounds of the garden, or a warm refuge to bask in the few hours of winter sun, a conservatory is the perfect room to unwind, relax and rejuvenate.

If you’re wondering how to enjoy your conservatory, extension or orangery year round, we’ve got some advice to make sure you stay comfortable and cosy.


Energy Efficient Glass for ConservatoriesOne of the most obvious ways to keep your conservatory cool in summer and warm in winter is to ensure you have top-quality windows and glass. At Stormclad, we pride ourselves on having A+ rated windows. Based on the same European system used to rate fridges and washing machines, an A+ window system will not lose any heat whatsoever. This can translate into huge savings on heating bills, even with a room predominantly made of glass.

Double Glazing for WinterHigh-quality double glazing is another development that has come on in leaps and bounds and will ensure your conservatory maintains the perfect temperature. Investing in modern double glazing can double your energy efficiency and ensure you make your money back on energy bill savings. Our PVC is rigid, stable and available in a variety of colours and finishes to fit any design or aesthetic.


Window Seals The devil is usually in the detail and door and window seals are often the culprit behind draughts. Updating your seals may not change the appearance, but you can rest assured it will change how you live; transforming your conservatory into a hub for fun, family and friends.

If you already have windows, doors or a conservatory that needs updating, we are more than happy to help. Each project is bespoke and our team is perfectly placed to provide you with advice on insulating not just your conservatory, but your whole home too.


Soft Furnishings in LoungeFurnishings can affect the feeling of a room. Soft furnishings can be changed depending on the season and allow you to refresh your design and home life. Thick rugs and heavy curtains are ideal for winter, as they allow you to trap the heat in and provide a cosy luxuriousness. For summer and spring, you can opt for thinner materials like linen or cotton and optimise the breezy nature of the summer conservatory.

Summer Furnishings for ConservatoriesChoosing the right colour or texture can also be a huge factor, as warm colours and cool colours alter our perceptions of a room. Think of keeping warm, rich colours for winter like reds, browns and yellows. Patterns also add volume to a room and make it seem cosier. In summer and spring, you can swap out the heavy colours for light and cool tones like blues, greens and whites with minimal, floral or colourful designs.
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Start from Scratch

Stormclad Bespoke ConservatoryIf you’re looking for a more permanent change to your conservatory or home, consider designing a new one complete with veranda, solid or glass roof and French doors. By expanding and changing the space of your conservatory, you can create distinct areas that can serve as dining areas, playpens, laundries, offices and a plethora of other functions. At Stormclad, we offer a bespoke service that tailors conservatories and extensions to fit into your home and lifestyle. No matter how odd the shape or niche the need, there’s no time like the present to design and build your dream conservatory.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you turn your house into a home, contact us today and we’ll get one of our dedicated agents to visit you at a convenient time and offer sage advice. Alternatively, visit one of our showrooms and find inspiration for your home. Conservatories are not just for summer, they are there to entertain and energise you all-year round.

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