Turn Your Conservatory into a Winter Wonderland this Christmas

Turn Your Conservatory into a Winter Wonderland this Christmas

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29th November 2018


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It’s that time of year again. When turkeys go on sale, shops queues get longer and the kids start asking what Santa is bringing them for Christmas. While it may seem like there are a hundred things to do, coming up with ideas for Christmas Day may be the last thing on your mind. Never fear, because at Stormclad we’ve worked tirelessly to find easy, fun and stunning ways to turn your conservatory into a Winter Wonderland.

This isn’t just your average list of Christmas design ideas or handmade Christmas ornaments. We’ve looked at the senses to bring a list unlike any other. Mix and match these ideas to create a Christmas cracker that is uniquely your own.


Smell is one of the most nostalgic and primary senses. The smell of homemade food like freshly baked bread, a steaming Sunday roast or even just a cup of cocoa can send you back in time. Make the most of Christmas’ nostalgia and bring the scents of Christmas into your home.

Reed Diffuser

A reed diffuser is an easy way to introduce frankincense, myrrh, nutmeg, cinnamon and any other scent your local wise man or home store may have. Think back to the smell that most reminds you of Christmas and add it to your conservatory to build the sense of wonder this Christmas.

Christmas Tree

A good old-fashioned Christmas tree is a must this Christmas. The fresh pine smell is quintessentially Christmassy and well-worth going the extra mile. Clean up is often an issue with Christmas trees. Make tidying in January a breeze by covering the floor with bags, an old rug, newspaper or even wrapping paper before bringing in the tree. It’ll save having to sweep up pesky needles.

Christmas Baking

If the scent is not enough for you why not roll up your sleeves and channel your inner Mary Berry. Freshly baked biscuits, loaves of bread and cakes not only fill the room with their alluring aromas but also provide delicious sustenance. This brings us on to the next sense, taste.


Across the world, Christmas varies on everything from when you should open presents to who delivers them. One thing we can all agree on though is that it is a time to spend time with family and eat far too much food.

Christmas Dinner Setting

A traditional Christmas dinner is a staple and for good reason. With various vegetarian and vegan options, the classic meal has never been more accessible. From roasts to stuffing, veggies, gravy, cranberry sauce and whatever else makes your Christmas dinner yours, there really is no substitute. A Christmas dinner is time-consuming and requires meticulous timing so be prepared to spend a few hours in the kitchen before being able to open your prezzies.

Christmas Cheese Fondue

If you’re looking for something a little different, and easier, why not include family and friends in the cooking process and theme your dinner? You could have a DIY fondue station or really push the boat out and try dishes from around the world. The options are endless.

Spiced Rum Cocktail

Drinks are another part of the experience so be sure to consider what you and your guests like. Christmas parties are always festive and often include a tasty tipple. Make your own signature Christmas cocktail or gluhwein. Or make your party DIY with stations dedicated to spirits so guests can create their own infusions. Gin, brandy and prosecco are just a few ways to warm the cockles and keep the cold at bay.

Hot Chocolate

This is not just for the adults so get the kids involved with a create your own cocoa station. They’ll love getting their hands-on hot chocolate, marshmallows and other sweet treats.

No matter who’s coming or how many, food and drink can be easy to manage, leaving you more time to take in the laughter and smiles. This brings us on to the next sense, Sight.


Humans are visual creatures. With over 90 per cent of communication non-verbal, we put a lot of stock in what we see. Make the most of this sense at your Winter Wonderland with decorations that really pop.

White Christmas

A white Christmas is what everyone dreams of. Whether Kevin McCallister in Home Alone or Dr Seuss’ Grinch, we all associate snowmen, snowflakes and snowballs with Christmas. If it looks like the weather isn’t coming to the party make your own winter wonderland and bring these elements indoors. Snowflake cutouts on conservatory windows make stunning silhouettes while paper icicles hanging from the ceiling add a frosty element. If you do get snow there is nothing more impressive than white tablecloths to match the snow outside your conservatory doors.

Christmas Fairy Lights and Cocoa

Christmas days are short so be sure to use the light to your advantage. Set up the tree and dining table in your conservatory to make the most of the sunlit hours. Better yet decorate your space with candles and fairy lights for when skies darken. The magical effect of a warm, softly lit room set in amongst the dark night sky is incredible and sure to build the festive feels in your guests.

Indoor Plants in Winter

Interior designers often describe conservatories as great spaces to bring the outside in and Christmas is no different. Expansive views of your garden make it the perfect place to add some finishing touches like sprigs of holly or mistletoe. Green goes great with white so feel free to bring more of the outdoors in. Close your eyes and you may hear the sounds of birds chirping. This brings us neatly to sounds.


Music is the lifeblood of good parties. As background music or the centrepiece for an event, the choices for music are endless.

Karaoke Microphone

A Christmas karaoke is a great way to shake up the usual hymns and pop hits. Let your relatives make fools of themselves all in the name of good cheer. You can even avoid Christmas music completely and stick to the top of the pops, rock, British icons, whatever theme takes your fancy.

Cosy Christmas Socks

Quiet Christmas mornings are cherished amongst family so creating the perfect backing track is essential. If you’re tired of the same Christmas hits why not play a good book on tape or podcast in the background. Dulcet tones and an intriguing story can be the best way to relax and enjoy your winter wonderland. Roald Dahl is a popular classic and for good reason. His stories are beloved across the world with rich characters you can almost touch. This brings us to last but not least…


Christmas Candles and Pinecones

Texture and touch are an important part of any design and Christmas party themes are no different. Rough pinecones, tickly tinsel and warm blankets are just the beginning so be sure to think of different textures to add richness to your winter wonderland.

Whatever your plans for Christmas, your conservatory is the perfect place to set up your own little piece of festive cheer. At Stormclad, we’ve helped thousands of families create their dream conservatories. If you’re thinking of fixing up an existing conservatory or looking to build a new one, give us a call or contact us online and our friendly staff will be happy to help.

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