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Pancake Day is a day long awaited by many children around the world in the countries that celebrate it, as it’s a great excuse for them to enjoy the delicious taste of this traditional meal. The original Christian holiday, Shrove Tuesday, made to mark the day before lent began is often almost forgotten as people celebrate the much more widely appreciated ‘Pancake Day’ that has replaced it.

As no doubt traditional pancake recipes, while tasty, aren’t always enough for more adventurous eaters, in the spirit of this day here is a list of some of the more unusual Pancake Day recipes to be enjoyed in the warmth and comfort of your own double glazed and thermally efficient home, complete with doors and conservatories:

1.       Pancake Wraps

While it’s not unusual for the traditional pancake to be folded, have you ever thought of wrapping food up in the tasty treat? Get some sausages and cheese, and cover the sausages in the cheese. Follow up by wrapping the sausage-cheese combo inside a pancake and you’ve got an unusual yet undeniably appetising meal.

Get creative by substituting the sausage for Chorizo or Parma ham and don’t be afraid to be adventurous with your choice of cheese – goats cheese, gorgonzola and of course, good old mature cheddar all taste fantastic when wrapped in a pancake.

2.       Pancake Balls

This next one will require a special pan called an ebelskiver, which is a pan with semi spherical holes in it. You pour the pancake mix in, and then you can put whatever filling you want on the inside. Put them on the hob and turn them over occasionally and you’ve got a surprising new and different way of enjoying pancakes.

3.       Rainbow Pancakes

Perhaps the easiest, this isn’t really an unusual recipe but it comes out with some rather unique results! Applying different coloured food dye to bits of the batter while making the pancake can make the usual brownish look of your regular pancake take on quite a colourful turn. Providing you work at it and put some effort in, you could have all sorts of colourful patterns coming out on your pancakes for you to eat up.

4.       Chocolate Pancake Sandwich

This is a pancake for chocolate lovers only. When making the pancake, just before you put it on the hob, mix in some chocolate chips. Make 3 like this. Then after you’ve got them all together, cover one in chocolate spread. Encase the chocolate spread pancake with the remaining other two, having one on the top and one on the bottom. Finally, cover the lot of it in chocolate spread.

5.       Cereal Pancake

An interesting pancake which could be a little bit crunchier than you’re probably used to as it’ll contain a small amount of your choice of cereal. It’s not much different from your usual pancake recipe, you just add in a little bit of cereal while you’re creating the mix and then cook it just the same.