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Security guaranteed with these luxurious property’s

One of the many difficulties faced by billionaires is the likelihood that someone might break into their luxury home – unfortunately, as fantastic as being rich might be, it does make you a target for crime. However many of the world’s richest know this and take steps to ensure their homes are as safe and secure as possible. What follows is a snapshot of the most secure properties in the world.

Outside Indian Creek, the Miami island home of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner


The above stunning property lies in the heart of Miami’s Indian Creek – a bay side village which has acquired a reputation as a haunt for the absurdly wealthy.  The property is ideally placed for a marine enthusiast – it boasts a waterfront with ample room for all but the largest yacht. Not only does water surround the property, it runs through it as well, in a series of miniature canals, fountains and waterfalls – all flowing into the larger of the property’s two swimming pools.

The mansion was bought by a Russian billionaire in 2012 for $47 million dollars. The fee was a record for the county, which is no mean feat when you consider the neighbourhood’s roster of hedge-fund billionaires and CEOs.

At the rear of the lady’s changing room is a panic room whose power is supplied by its own, isolated generator – in case an intruder is resourceful enough to cut the power. Entrance is policed by a fingerprint-recognition system, while the room itself contains the control hub for an infra-red surveillance system with which the owner can view the entire grounds – even in the dead of night.

Secure home

The next property on our list is priced at a relatively modest £750,000.  It is built in the scenic centre of Adirondack State Park, New York, and is accessible via its own private airstrip.  This home is more secure than most, owing largely to a previous existence as a missile silo.

Beneath the auspicious-looking wooden lodge lies the two-storey concrete cylinder which once constituted the control centre.  It now enjoys a new life as a living space, complete with a marble Jacuzzi, bedrooms and a kitchen.

The property’s most impressive feature, however, lies still further down.  Beyond a set of blast-doors, which collectively weigh the best part of a tonne, lies a fifty-foot tunnel.  It is through here that the silo itself can be accessed:  nine cylindrical storeys of concrete, stretching a total of 185 beneath the earth’s surface.  While most panic rooms may offer protection against burglars, this one will stand the owner in good stead in the event of nuclear war – provided they are sure to stock up on dried goods beforehand.

White building with windows

Cream sofa and large windows

The property above is uniquely focused toward security, as it was designed by Al Corbi, head of SAFE (strategically armoured and fortified environments), a firm which specialises in home-security solutions.  It is situated in a gated area in Hollywood Hills, on top of a rooftop.

As one might expect, Mr Corbi’s vision is heavily geared toward security.  The property boasts not one, but two panic rooms; what’s more, two of the bedrooms come equipped with special doors through which the room can be effectively sealed off from the rest of the house.  For good measure, the house comes equipped with a helipad, allowing for a quick getaway.