3 surprising skills you can master while at home

3 surprising skills you can master while at home

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20th April 2020




Before the virus outbreak, there was never enough time to do anything let alone learn a new skill! Maybe you’re isolating alone, with family or have an army of kids that need entertaining. Whatever your situation, we’ve come up with 3 affordable skills to occupy your time inside and keep your mind active through these strange times. You never know, you could even go on to use these new skills to boost future job prospects.

  1. Learn a new language


Around one in five Brits list learning a new language amongst their New Year’s resolutions. UK foreign language learning is also at its lowest level for 20 years, so, all the more reason to incorporate a new language into your home-schooling plan too. There are a variety of online resources and apps to get to grips with. Keeping your brain active, as well as looking great on your CV, here are a couple of free ones to get you started:

A free, user-friendly app that has more than 30 languages to choose from. Duolingo cleverly makes learning feel like a game, encouraging you to use it more frequently.

The Radio Lingua Network offer free podcast lessons in 7 different languages: French, Spanish, Italian, German, Swedish, Chinese and English. They also offer online language courses through the Coffee Break Academy – prices vary.

  1. Learn a new musical instrument


Learning an instrument is a great way to fill your weekend and keep you entertained. Improving memory, building confidence and (above all!) fun, playing a musical instrument is also a great stress reliever. Most online offerings are fee-based, so we’ve tried to pick a few free ones to give you a taste of what’s available.

Free online guitar classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced guitar players, including a complete beginners’ guide with audio, videos and text music resources.

Available on tablet or phone, all skill levels are welcome to use Flowkey’s interactive online lessons. Free to join, you’re given 8 free songs to start with. The premium user upgrade costs £17 a month, but if you’re a new Yamaha user you can access up to 3 months of Flowkey Premium for free until 21st March 2021, depending on the product.

  1. Learn how to ride a bike

We’re all looking for effective ways to keep fit, and for those who’ve never learnt how to ride a bike, it’s never too late to learn! Cycling UK have created a handy ‘how to’ video guide, breaking down each step to make learning to ride a bike for adults as easy as possible.

None of us are sure how long social distancing rules will be in place but, if you maintain safe practices, cycling to work could even help you to avoid unnecessary contact with others too.

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