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In light of our competition, in which we’re giving one lucky homeowner a high-tech and high-security rock door [competition has now ended], we’ve chosen to dedicate today’s blog post to looking at security in the home.

According to the UK government, homes without any security measures are five times more likely to be targeted by burglars than homes that employ a few simple measures.

If you want to reduce the risk of returning home to find it ransacked, consider implementing a few (or all) of the below security measures.

Everyday measures:

  • Keep all keys away from windows and out of sight, and never hide a spare key under a door mat or in a plant pot – burglars know all the places to look.
  • Keep valuables away from prying eyes.
  • Install a burglar alarm where burglars can see it. If you can’t afford a real burglar alarm, dummy alarms have proven to be effective too.
  • Install motion sensor lighting around all entrances to your home.
  • Consider replacing your driveway with gravel – the noise means most burglars will avoid your property like the plague.
  • Use a timer to turn off TVs, radios and/or lights in the home.
  • Keep windows and doors locked every time you leave the house – even if you’re just going into the garden. Burglaries are often opportunistic crimes with thieves frequently on the lookout for someone enjoying a sunny day while their front door sits unlocked.
  • Invest in the highest quality windows you can afford. Single glazed windows are incredibly easy to break, so if you’ve never upgraded to, at a minimum, standard double glazing, you’re far more likely to be targeted.
  • Our doors are not only highly durable; they’re also highly resistant to unwanted guests.
  • Be careful about who you let into your home – never allow entry to anyone unless you’re absolutely certain they’re genuine.

While you’re on holiday:

  • Avoid shouting about your holiday on social networks. Thieves purposefully target these sites to find people who have declared their homes’ empty.
  • On the same note, don’t ‘check yourself in’ to your holiday destination (or even when you’re just out for the day or night).
  • Employ the services of a trusted neighbour or friend. Ask them to pop into your house, open and close the curtains, and place your mail somewhere safe.
  • If you’re taking your car on holiday, allow your neighbours to use your drive while you’re away.