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At Stormclad we’ve always been committed to ensuring we do our part for the environment. We’re well aware that in our industry it’s very easy to turn a blind eye to the waste produced, but that’s just not us.

In fact, we’re constantly striving to improve our practices and reduce the volume of waste we send to landfill and just recently we hit a landmark. We can now proudly pronounce that a mere 9% of the waste we produce ends up in landfill. That means we’re recycling a massive 91% of our waste; ‘waste’ such as wood, metal, plastics and glass, that will continue life in the materials supply system.

So how does this compare to previous months?

In January 2011 we collected 21.200 tonnes of waste. 16.748 tonnes got recycled (79%) while 4.452 tonnes went to landfill (the remaining 21%).

By July last year, we had reduced the waste we sent to landfill to just under 14%. Today it’s an impressive 9% and to say we’re pleased is a massive understatement.

However, our pledge to the environment doesn’t start and end with responsibly dealing with our waste; we want to ensure that you, our lovely customers, are doing their part too.

So what do we want you to do?

Reduce the amount of food you waste – apparently the average British household throws away around 10% of all the food they buy. Not only is this a tremendous waste of money, but it’s food that’s being produced, at a cost to the environment, for no good reason.

Turn off your gadgets – do you really need your TV and games console on standby? Is it necessary to leave your phone charger plugged in even though your phone’s fully charged? It’s costing the environment and it’s costing you.

Recycle more – well, it’s just obvious, isn’t it?

You could also try to implement these 50 Ways to Help the Planet.