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Electronics giant LG recently launched its Smart Manager Fridge at the Las Vegas CES technology fair. Despite previous brands having tried, and failed, with similar concepts, LG believe that this smart fridge is the fridge that will transcend kitchen technology to a point at which we rely as much on our smart fridges as we do on our smart phones.

Yet reception for the smart fridge has not been entirely positive. Hailed as the ‘idiot fridge’ by The Guardian it seems the average homeowner doesn’t see the need for a fridge that can tell them what to cook, how to cook it and even formulate a shopping list of their behalf.

And why would we?

The success of the smart phone is based largely on two things: they allow us to access the internet on the move with absolute ease, and they integrate a number of devices (i.e. an mp3 player and a hand-held gaming machine) into one light and portable gadget.

The smart fridge does very little that we can’t do already in only a little more time, while also ‘helping’ in ways we might not even want it to. One of the fridge’s specialities is adding items that are nearly empty to our shopping list – but who says we want to buy that item again?

Not only do online shopping lists save previously bought products – meaning that adding them to a new shopping list involves the momentous effort of merely ticking a box – but even if we do want the same products we bought last time, we might want to choose a different size or brand. We might even be picking up some milk on our way home from work and thus, don’t want it delivered in the weekly shop.

One feature of the fridge that I am quite endeared to however is its ability to suggest recipes to you in accordance with the contents of your fridge.  However this isn’t anything that can’t also be achieved using online resources such as Super Cook – a handy feature certainly – but is it one that makes the fridge worth its hefty £2,000 price tag?

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