Ring in The New Year With These Party Ideas

Ring in The New Year With These Party Ideas

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18th December 2018


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New Years Eve party ideas are ripe this time of year. With Christmas already well underway people start looking to how they are going to ring in the new year. Unfortunately, public NYE parties often fall short of the fun and games of Christmas. The excitement and hype around a big bash are usually ruined by expensive drinks, crammed venues and overworked taxis. Why not avoid the hassle and disappointment of going out this New Years Eve and celebrate at home with friends and family.

Instead, celebrate in style in your conservatory and take in the fireworks without catching a shiver. Or build the ultimate playlist to wash over you and your guests with waves of nostalgia. Whatever your tastes, staying in this New Year is easier, cheaper and more comfortable. Have a look at a few of our ideas and use them as inspiration to start off the New Year the right way.

Black Light Bash

Blacklight Bash

A striking, and easy way, to have your own personal rave this New Year is to throw a black light bash. Turn of the lights, get yourself a black light and tell your guests to wear neon or brilliant white. For best results set up your rave in a conservatory set against the night sky or black out your lounge with craft paper.

Your guests will love the chance to cut loose with glowsticks and dance the night away to familiar favourites with their closest friends.

Keep It Classy

Classy Cocktail Party

A Black and White Ball is a classic New Years party idea. Think cocktail dresses, tuxedos and Casino Royale. Fun casino games, big band music, and tall cocktails are sure to have your guests entertained well into the night. A black and white theme lends itself to some of history’s greatest moments such as James Bond, Truman Capote’s Swan Lake and the Great Gatsby.

Guilty Pleasures

Pizza Party

The New Year brings with it the inevitable resolutions. Gyms see a huge pickup in January as everyone looks to lose the Christmas gains and break bad habits. Why not have one last hurrah and celebrate all the bad stuff. You could have one final feast with family and friends. Or ask your guests to bring one of their own guilty pleasures for a potluck dinner. As the clock strikes midnight, you can celebrate the new year and the new you.

Throwback Theme

Retro Theme

2018 may not have been the best year so why not celebrate a year in time that really stands out. Maybe you’d like to celebrate your youth with a throwback to the late ’80s, the roaring ’20s or make a jokey theme dedicated to the madness that was Y2K. Fill your home with themed decorations, put out some snacks and even create your own wacky-themed cocktails or punch to keep your guests aglow. Throw in a few New Years Eve party games to really complete the walk down memory lane. By the time the New Year rings true, you and your guests will be ready for what’s to come.

Best of 2018

Champagne Celebration

If 2018 was a great year then why not make it the theme for your New Years party? You can create New Years Eve games like your own Big Fat Quiz of the Year sans Jimmy Carr, and write questions about events in 2018. Your friends and family will love the friendly competition and it’s a great excuse to remember fond memories with a little competition for a laugh.

Fireworks From the Conservatory

Firework Display

Fireworks are a mainstay of New Years with displays in backyards and town squares around the country. The only problem is January is usually freezing! Instead of bracing the cold throw a party in your conservatory, dim the lights, and take in the fireworks that fill the night sky from the warmth of your home. Modern conservatories ensure you stay warm in winter as well as cool in summer, making them the perfect place to host guests.

Rest and Relaxation

Reading at Home

If all of these sound far too exhausting, why not just take it easy? The New Year is all yours so celebrate it the way you’d like. There’s no need to dance the night away if all you’d like is to be with friends and family over the holidays. The New Year is around the corner so start it the way you’d like and make it one to remember.

Whatever your feelings on NYE, staying home is one of the best ways to ring in the new year. At Stormclad we specialise in creating orangeries, conservatories and other home additions to create comfortable spaces to enjoy your home. Whether a play area for the kids, a dinner party venue, or a quiet escape from the world, our conservatories are sure to give you the feeling of home you need. Call today to see how we can help you realise your home’s potential.

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