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Wetter and colder weather across the UK can be a real burden for us all as we tussle between putting on the heating and paying the still-high energy bills that have affected us in recent years. Replacing your windows is something which can make a difference – but how much do uPVC windows really cost?

If you’ve noticed that your property seems colder than usual, you’re perhaps aware that your windows aren’t performing as well as they once did. Anyone with old-style single glazing will understand this only too well when temperatures plummet. And even those with older double glazed windows might sigh heavily when they see condensation forming between the two panes of glass – a sure sign that the window has failed.

So in both instances it’s likely that you’re considering buying replacement windows. But how much is that going to be? We’re still living in the middle of a cost of living crisis with few signs that this is easing. And yet, not to do anything about a failed window simply means that it is leaking cash as well as warm air.

On the question of a price for uPVC double glazing, the answer is: it depends. In the UK, the cost of a new uPVC window can vary from hundreds of pounds to around £3,000, but this very much depends on the style, shape, size, type of glass, energy efficiency, security options and more. Here at Stormclad we encourage anyone considering buying a new window to get in touch and discuss options with our friendly staff, who will be able to give you a free quote according to your requirements.


Customised uPVC casement window in light green.

uPVC windows – an excellent option

Gone are the days when uPVC was seen as a tacky alternative to timber. Today’s uPVC is exceptionally durable, long lasting, thermally efficient and great looking too. At Stormclad we only use high-performance material for our fantastic range of uPVC windows, include casement, bay, flush sash windows, sliding sash windows and timber effect Residence Collection uPVC windows. We don’t use cheap materials, which does have an affect on price. However, we guarantee that all our uPVC options have been rigorously tested to meet the highest standards, ensuring that you have complete peace of mind.

Styles and sizes

If you buy a smaller house or a car, inevitably it’s going to be cheaper than buying a bigger one. The same goes for windows. Smaller windows are cheaper than big ones because they don’t cost as much to make – but that doesn’t mean to say that they aren’t of the same quality! For example, our hugely popular uPVC casement window range is stylish, functional and has great thermal insulation, reaching A+ energy ratings. No wonder the casement is Britain’s most popular window. At the other end of the scale we have our uPVC bay window option.  These windows have a distinctive design that complements the room’s natural curve, providing more space and an abundance of natural light. Again, this window not only looks great but keeps the worst of the weather out while retaining heat.


uPVC Casement Window in a kitchen

Glazing options

It goes without saying that all our double glazed windows are exceptionally energy efficient, and our uPVC range is no exception. We offer A+ rated windows as standard, and as one of the highest performing windows on the market they help to reduce energy bills and can prevent heat from escaping your home. Don’t forget that your initial outlay will more than be recouped in terms of energy savings over the lifetime of the window.


At Stormclad we want you as our valued customer to have complete peace of mind when you buy from us. That’s why we invest a lot of our resources into window security, and as the old saying goes, ‘you get what you pay for’. In terms of security, we offer – among many options – multipoint locking & high-performance hinge protectors as standard, Twin Sliding Locking Systems (TSL), featuring a bi-directional, dual espagnolette locking device, reinforced steel profiles optimised for strength and rigidity, and internally beading to prevent forced entry.

These are just some of the factors that determine the average cost of uPVC windows, and we like to help customers find a balance between their budget and their heart’s desire. We’re always happy to talk through the options, and we particularly enjoy meeting our customers at our showrooms across the Nottingham area. If you’d rather contact us here we will be in touch with you ASAP, or you can ring us on 0115 970 8077.