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Despite more of us than ever turning off lights, switching plugs off at the wall and generally taking steps to reduce our energy usage – many households are in fact using more than ever.

The Energy Saving Trust places the blame with our gadget obsession.

Extra-large fridge freezers, plasma televisions and wireless routers are just a few of the main offenders; the first and the latter taking the hardest hit of blame since they are rarely, if ever, switched off.

To put this into perspective; the number of gadgets and appliances situated within the average UK household has, between 1990 and 2009, more than trebled.

Between 1970 and 2009, our energy usage on account of these items has risen by over 600%, despite the fact that those items we do use are more energy-efficient than ever.

And the worrying thing is; there is little sign of this trend halting.

Increased energy usage from modern gadgets

In fact, as science and technology progresses, the human race is becoming increasingly reliant on electrical items for both entertainment and convenience.

This is all taking place within a period of history wherein many of us are struggling financially. Do we really need two or three different makes of games console? Is it really necessary to own a towering fridge-freezer and enjoy the convenience of an ice machine?

Another contributing problem is our ‘want it all’ culture. We’re victims of advertising that ropes us into believing we need the latest and greatest gadget in order to enrich our lives and not fall behind our peers.

Yet shunning the latest mobile phone and refraining from investing in the newest gadget designed to improve the ‘gaming’ experience will save money in more ways than one. These gadgets are expensive in themselves, and expensive to run.

Establish what you really need and you should enjoy significant savings.

Thankfully there are other ways to reduce energy usage in the home, such as by investing in higher grade windows and installing loft insulation. Stormclad can supply A rated windows in Nottingham and the surrounding areas to those concerned with the energy efficiency of their home.