5 ways to feel like you’re on holiday during isolation

5 ways to feel like you’re on holiday during isolation

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30th April 2020




Many of us have had to postpone holiday plans until further notice thanks to the coronavirus outbreak. But instead of dwelling on it, we thought we’d help you to get the most out of your annual holiday time at home. These 5 ways are sure to get you in the holiday mood, without breaking any lockdown or social distancing rules – stay safe, stay home!

1. Put together a positive playlist & grab a cocktail

Get in the holiday spirit by creating a positive playlist with all your favourite songs, or search for an upbeat playlist on Spotify or Youtube. Make your favourite holiday cocktail, or research a new one, and begin your staycation relaxing in the sun (in your garden, not a park!). For a lighter version, give one of these refreshing Mocktail recipes a try. And if the weather isn’t that great, fake it with a virtual holiday background, e.g. Tropical Island Beach Ambience.

2. Backyard beach

If you’re lucky enough to have access to a garden or backyard, if you can’t go to the beach, bring the beach to you! With a little help from Amazon, or your chosen retailer, building your own private beach is a breeze! Creating a relaxing backyard beach retreat can be as simple as adding sand and a sun lounger or hammock, through to a beautiful beach-themed veranda or garden room installation.

3. Themed cuisines

Tasting different dishes is an essential part of the holiday experience. So, if you’re feeling creative, research some authentic local dishes native to your chosen location and create a menu for each day of your holiday. Not only will you be trying something new, you’ll be able to wow your friends and family with your new culinary skills once lockdown is over! And if you’re blessed with good weather (and an outside space, of course), eating al fresco will enhance your holiday experience further.

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4. Watch a foreign film

Really feel like you’re there by watching a subtitled film from your chosen country. Try to pick up some of the basics of the language along the way, and if you enjoy the experience you could have a little film festival of your own from the comfort of your sofa.

VR set

5. Virtually travel the world

Widely used with video games, VR headsets are surging in popularity through lockdown and it’s not hard to see why. Allowing users to chat, play and watch movies with friends and family, VR allows you to switch off and have fun. There are many virtual travel experiences to immerse yourself with a VR headset, it’s all about finding the best VR headset to suit your budget.

Advanced technology like this isn’t for everyone, but there are other ways that don’t require expensive tech. There are a plethora of 360˚ video tours and online exhibitions to enjoy. From Impressionist exhibits at the grand Musee d’Orsay museum in Paris to live cams and videos of your favourite animals at San Diego Zoo, there’s a virtual tour for everyone to broaden their horizons and get through lockdown.

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