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Household chores such as cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping and maintaining fittings like windows and doors are an essential part of everyday life. We all need to eat and have a safe and clean home to live in.

But it’s undeniable that nobody enjoys housework! So why is it that we spend so much time doing it? 67, 680 hours of our lives to be precise! In a recent poll created by Passion For Homes, cleaning the oven was voted the worst house hold chore with 38% of participants voting for it. 20% voted for cleaning the toilet, 9% voted for cleaning the fridge, 3% voted for dusting and polishing and 1% voted for hoovering.

So why is it that we spend 347 days of our lives cleaning when we clearly hate it so much? That’s nearly an entire year of our lives spent doing something we don’t want to do!

If you were to stop all housework with the time you would save you could sail around the world 23 times, run 28, 377 marathons (although that would be extremely tiring!) or even travel to the moon 823 times!

Which would you rather be doing?

To find out what other amazing things you could be doing if you packed in the housework take a look at our latest infographic below.

A infographic on how to Ditch the Household Chores.

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