Conservatory Security: How Superior Products Protect Your Home

Conservatory Security: How Superior Products Protect Your Home

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12th December 2018


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Studies have shown that only 14 arrests are made for every 100 burglaries with the majority of them occurring between the hours of 10 AM and 3 PM. These surprising statistics show how little homeowners are prepared for burglaries. Far from Home Alone villains dressed in black with a duffel bag full of tools, burglars are opportunists who blend into their surroundings and use close-to-hand objects to find their way into homes.

Conservatories are one of the first targets with lots of glass seen as a weak point for burglars. However, conservatories, if installed correctly, it can be a very secure addition to your home. We’ve put together this guide on conservatory security to help you protect your home for years to come.

Quality Installation

Quality Conservatory Installation

The best way to ensure your conservatory is safe and secure is to get it designed and installed correctly. Make sure you work with a reliable installation company to ensure your conservatory meets accredited security standards, through the use of components that meet BS7950/7412 standard. These standards cover everything from mechanical loading to human intervention and glazing security.

At Stormclad, we have a long list of accreditations as well as years of experience installing and refurbishing conservatories. We’ve worked tirelessly to understand the ins and outs of these complicated standards and ensure that all doors, windows, conservatories, carports, and orangeries are fitted to the most stringent demands.


Locks on Windows

Secure Tilt and Turn Windows

Windows are often seen as soft targets for burglars. You can reduce the risk to your windows using modern, effective security locking systems. Twin-cam Security Locking systems (TSL) are one example of effective mechanisms as they have up to eight locking points with adjustable twin-cams offering even greater security against burglary. Locks like this are difficult to break and are major deterrents for thieves.

As always for all sash window locks and other window security locks, it is important to ensure the parts themselves are resistant, designed for purpose, and compliant with British standards like PAS24.

Superior Glass


Gable Fronted Conservatory

The glass of your conservatory is often the most impressive and most targeted feature. Fortunately, the development in glass has made this concern a thing of the past with laminate glass upgrades capable of deterring criminals and the elements alike. If you’re not sure what glass you have on your conservatory roof one of our dedicated team members will be more than happy to have a look at your conservatory and suggest any changes that may be necessary. By optimising all the glass elements of your home, you can ensure your home is comfortable and secure. For ultimate security why not try a solid roof conservatory to give you the best of style and conservatory security.

Window Beading

The Roebuck Inn windows

Window beading is one of those hidden features that improve conservatory security without compromising the look and feel of your home. Traditional methods of glazing utilise external beading, however, more modern window systems have developed an internal beading system. External beading can be potentially removed from the outside by intruders, hence why all modern systems have internal beading to protect your home unwanted access. For an even more robust level of protection, ask about upgrading to safety laminate glass, which could prevent a burglary taking place.


Doors and Locks

Secure Conservatory Installation

Windows are not the only target for burglars with doors, especially old doors, often broken into. You can minimise the risk of internal doors as well as external doors being broken into with robust, high-quality locking systems. Bi-fold doors are very popular with their aesthetic appeal, which is complemented by their ability to house multi-point locking systems. This system of several door locking points can help to make your home almost impenetrable. Whether looking at sliding doors, French doors or Composite Doors, ensure that you install a high-security door by ensuring that you know the full specification of the door and also any accreditations which may have been awarded.  We specialise in door, window and conservatory installations so feel free to give us a call and we’ll see to all your needs.

Whether you’re planning to go skiing this Christmas or stay cosy at home, ensure you have peace of mind with upgraded conservatory security and the very best in windows, doors and conservatories. For more information or to book a consultation contact us today. Our team are friendly, experienced and here to help.

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