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Choosing A Conservatory Builder: Trades vs. Turn Key Solutions

Choosing A Conservatory Builder: Trades vs. Turn Key Solutions

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22nd May 2019


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Building a conservatory is a stunning investment, that can bring a range of benefits to your home. From the realistic, increase in property price and floor space, to the aesthetic, more light and a space to relax, a conservatory is a worthy addition. Adding a conservatory is also usually quick and requires very little in the way of disruption to your everyday life. However, because conservatories don’t often require planning permission or intense groundwork, consumers think they can trust anyone with the build. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Conservatories take looking after and without the right accreditations can lead to costly repairs and maintenance. This is why at Stormclad we offer a service that lasts, from planning to aftercare. However, independent builders often don’t have the time or resources to manage relationships and ensure the long term success of their builds. With that in mind, we’d like to go over a few considerations for any client looking to build a conservatory.

Quotes and Contracts

Conservatory Stormclad Internal

First things first, you’ll want a formal quotation. After our expert has inspected your project, discussed and planned your vision, we’ll put together a formal quote detailing exactly how much your conservatory will cost.

Once you’re happy with the quote, we’ll draw up a formal contract and guarantee commitments. This gives you peace of mind, as you have a paper trail and our promises are in writing.

Once everything is signed and accounted for we’ll get to work on your exciting new build.

Independent builders vary greatly and some may have little to no paper trail. This can put you in a sticky situation if any issues arise.

Consultative Sales Approach

Consultive Sales Approach Stormclad Conservatories

As an extra step, we also provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. If you don’t feel confident at the point of purchase, you can walk away. This saves you from predatory contracts or tactics that tie you into an expensive buy out fee from ‘cowboy builders’.  This consultation service is something that independent builders can’t always offer. We have years of experience and have developed a system that helps you shape your dream conservatory, whether through on-site visits, drawings or our purpose-built showroom. Independent builders may lack the staff or time to stay on top of every project, past or present.

Insured and Accredited

Insured and Accredited Stormclad Conservatories

Accreditations are the seal of approval in construction. With safety and longevity at the forefront of everything we do, we have a long list of accreditations available for your perusal. Independent and committed to customer’s needs, we have been given the green light by the likes of the BFRC, The Chartered Trading Standards Institute, the GGF, Trustmark and Which? Trusted Traders. What’s more, we have a long list of testimonials available on site, showcasing how customers have rated our service. This level of transparency should be seen as the benchmark, so if you don’t work with us be sure to look out for red flags like no references or testimonials.

We also offer insurance backed guarantees. This ensures your funds and vision are safe with us.

Independent builders will often have their own connections within the industry, but may not have the time to purse accreditations or keep on top of all their suppliers. This can lead to below-par materials that are more likely to wear, tear and break. In the long run, this will mean pouring more money into repairing or even rebuilding your conservatory. Why not stick with the best and ensure you get it right the first time?

Show Sites

Show Sites Stormclad Conservatories

To ensure the quality of our glass, fittings, doors and other components, we have a showroom with example builds and styles. These serve as inspiration, as well as reassurance of the quality of our suppliers and service.

Again, independent builders often work from home or small offices with the only evidence of their work available through onsite photos. This doesn’t give you the chance to inspect, test and feel your potential conservatory.


Aftercare Stormclad Conservatories

Aftercare is one of our key offerings. A Stormclad conservatory is one that is made to last a lifetime and our team is on hand to carry out warranty services. This is unique to a complete solution, as traders and individuals don’t always have the longevity of big business nor the resources. This aftercare is a must for anyone who wants their conservatory to reflect on the value of their property and become an asset to their home life.

By nature, independent builders move from project to project with the mindset very much aimed toward the short term future. We have a wide range of clients and employees, as well as a brand face to maintain. This means we look forward to creating long term relationship with our clients, which is simply beyond the reach of ‘mom and pop’ builders.

Save Time and Effort

Stormclad Conservatories

With a complete turnkey solution like Stormclad, another added bonus is that you save valuable time and effort. There is no need to source individual suppliers, builders, fitters and the like. We take the stress out of the process and manage all the moving parts of the process.

On the other side of the coin, independent builders can vary on delivery. Just a brief flick-on of the television shows episode after episode of property shows where people are left waiting for this delivery or that builder. Independent builders have a mammoth task managing all their suppliers and staff. Going through an established firm like Stormclad means you avoid this headache completely.

Online Reviews

Stormclad Conservatories Online Reviews

Finally, we love to hear back from our clients and with our purpose-made website, you have the space to leave reviews and feedback on your experience. This is great for future and current clients, as it gives you a forum to discuss your experience.

This level of service is one you can only experience with full turnkey solutions. At Stormclad we specialise in designing and building conservatories, orangeries and extensions. With years of experience and a long list of trusted suppliers, there really is no alternative for going with the professionals.

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