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Extending your home has the potential to add space to cramped rooms, make bold entertaining spaces and increase property values. From rear extensions to conservatories and everything in between, these ideas are the perfect way to make the most of your home.

Before deciding on your home extension idea it is important to familiarise yourself with planning permission, ease of access and budget. A good budget is essential, giving you the exact amounts of money needed for design and cost of building an extension. Once you’ve got a plan of action it’s time to delve into the world of home extension with a huge array of options at your disposal. We’ve put together this list to help you find the inspiration you need to create your dream home.

Rear Extension

A Rear wooden Extension.
A lot of homeowners in the UK have opted for the popular rear house extension. Placed in the sanctuary of your own property, it affords privacy and doesn’t often impede your neighbour’s view. Extensions can be bold or understated, from low-pitch extensions that match your home to contemporary steel, wood, and concrete extensions that create a striking perspective. These builds also add value to your home and create a space for those precious family memories.

Side Return Extension

A white kitchen.
A large number of period terrace homeowners end up scratching their heads when looking for ways to maximise their floor size. Luckily, the answer is often right under their nose with the side-return the perfect way to expand. The side return can also be cost effective as a small wall, flat roof and insulation are all that is needed to enclose the side alley and create a larger space.

For more light, try bringing in natural light with a glazed roof. Not only will it increase the size of your property and increase the natural light but also add to the value of your home.

Loft Conversion

A bright white Loft Conversion.
If expanding out isn’t an option then maybe up is for you. Loft conversions give you a great return on investment and an interesting space to turn into a bedroom, bathroom or study. The angled roof is perfect for installing skylights to flood your new loft with loads of natural light.

Loft conversions are also considered minor constructions and will often avoid the need for planning permission. Be sure to check before you start the conversion to avoid any nasty fees or lawsuits.

Cellar Conversion

Black patio doors.
If a loft isn’t an option then maybe a cellar conversion is for you. A cellar adds another dimension to your home without extending out. What’s more, with a cleverly placed lightwell you can ensure your cellar is bathed in natural light and feels as much a part of your home as the rest of the house.


Inside a bright Orangery.
An orangery is a form of conservatory that uses the elegance of brickwork, large windows and a glass roof to create an extension to your home. Orangeries are the height of luxury and are great for entertaining guests or enjoying your garden all year round.

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Conservatory Extension Ideas

A black glass Conservatory.
Conservatories are hugely popular in the UK and for good reason. A predominantly glass structure, conservatories add a light-filled room to any home. They are great heat traps during those sunny, wintry days and a welcome respite from wet weather without feeling cooped up.

Conservatories sit proudly in a garden and often fit into the architecture of the home, incorporating materials and colours that match the rest of the home.

Some of our favourite conservatory extension ideas include modern grey glazed extensions with slimline aluminium bifold doors, and traditional wood effect uPVC conservatories with decorative flourishes that perfectly suit heritage properties.

Conservatory extensions can be installed in a range of styles and sizes, including Victorian, Edwardian and Lean-to, depending on your preferred floorspace shape and how your current property looks. Regardless of your individual preferences, there are conservatory extension ideas and designs to suit any home. With their plethora of design options, including the roof, frame colours and incorporated windows and doors, you can have a custom-designed conservatory installed to suit your property.

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Lean to extension ideas

A black lean too conservatory.

A lean to conservatory extension provides a versatile way of adding additional living space to your home. Lean to conservatories feature a sloped roof that connects to the property, and the extension is usually square or rectangular in shape. This means they can serve any function, whether it be a home office, gym or dining room.

A lean to extension can be designed to complement both old and new properties. There are contemporary grey, black and white designs that will add a modern touch to your home, or a lean to extension can easily be customised in a heritage style with wood effect frames and classy French doors.

Lean to extensions can be installed with either tiled or glass roof options, depending on your desired appearance.

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Make Use of Ceiling Space

Exposed wooden beams on a white roof.
An unorthodox approach to increase the sense of space in your home is to look up instead of down. Ceiling space can create airy, light, elegant spaces that are perfect for homes of all shapes and sizes. Tearing back the ceiling board and exposing rafters makes for a chic look and can be one of the best ways of showing off your property’s features without having to expand the floor plan.

Link Spaces with Glazing

Side roof windows in a kitchen.
Sometimes linking spaces can be the most effective way of increasing the internal floor space of your home. For example, a home can be connected to a cottage or garage with glazed corridors to bring the outside inside and provide loads of natural light.

The extra space also makes financial sense adding value as well as convenience to your property.

Pocket Doors and Staircases

In some cases, building onto your property is a no go. Looking at the space you have already is a good starting point. Pocket doors give you much more useable space with doors sliding into hidden pockets in the walls. Folding doors can also be used to accomplish this and give you metres of extra room.

Staircases are another part of the home that can be useful for renovation. Cantilevered, spiral and other styles of staircase can reduce the size of the staircase and create a unique centrepiece.

Whether doors or staircases, sometimes looking at how to maximise the space you currently have is the best way to increase the property price and save yourself some money.

Whatever your budget, space and needs there are countless ways to extend your home. For the very best in home improvement be sure to see our selection of bespoke solutions. At Stormclad, we specialise in using only the best materials to ensure your extension lasts a lifetime.