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Over this year, people have had to spend more time than ever at home. Due to this, many East Midlands homeowners have realised how much they wish they could have just a little bit more space. When moving home isn’t a possibility, this can feel like a pipe dream, but there are actually plenty of ways to make more space in your home without changing it entirely.

  1. Get an Extension

Firstly, you could get an extension! This is the most effective way of gaining more space as it literally adds an extra room onto your home. Consider a modern conservatory as a brilliant way to get more natural light in the process. For the best of both worlds a gorgeous brick-pillared orangery space may be more to your taste.


Secure Conservatory Design.

  1. Remodelling a Spare Room

You can also make better use of the space you already have. Do you have a spare room that you never go in? Or a conservatory space that has seen better days, that could benefit from a rejuvenating refurbishment? By remodelling this room into a home office, games room, or anything else that takes your fancy, you’ll be creating more living space for yourself and essential adding kerb appeal in the process.

  1. Remove Interior Walls

Sometimes, interior walls can make space feel smaller than it is: two small rooms can be much stuffier than one big room. Take a look and see if there are dividing walls you can remove to create a more flexible space. Our double glazing experts can advise upon on local and regional planning permissions and building regulations.

  1. Rearrange Furniture

Often, making more space can simply be a case of repositioning furniture. Perhaps your couch is in an awkward position, or your bed can be re-angled to create more floor space in your bedroom?

  1. Loft Beds for Kids

If you have children, getting a loft bed for their room is a great way to create more space, as it takes the bed off the floor and gives all that space to a desk or a den for them to use as their own.

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