5 future inventions that will change our homes

5 future inventions that will change our homes

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31st January 2021




The 1950s gave us the microwave oven, the 60s delivered the smoke alarm and detector, the email came along in the 70s, the 80s provided us with the digital mobile phone, the 90s gifted us with the internet, Youtube was born mid-2000s and 2010 was the dawning of smart home tech.

So, following on from our thought-provoking blog exploring the inventions that have improved our homes and our lifestyles over the last 70 years, let’s look at 5 future inventions that will transform our homes forever.

  1. Robotic helpers

Future inventions that will change our homes.

We’ve all watched films where robots live and work alongside us, but could robotic helpers make household chores a thing of the past? After all, we already have WiFi enabled robot vacuums that effortlessly clean floors and carpets – Evovacs Deebot Ozmo™ even has the capability to detect different floor surfaces, effortlessly switching between mop and vacuum mode! Coupled with the ever-prevalent need for good hygiene practices at home to fight COVID-19 germs, when you think about it, getting a robot to carry out routine household tasks to keep you safe isn’t that silly after all! There’s still a long way to go to putting your daily order in with your own personal robotic chef! Although, in recent years, scientists in Germany have unveiled a one-armed, three-fingered protoype that can pick up objects, clean up, operate various machines, and even serves drinks!

  1. Smart toilets

Apple smartwatches already allow you to track your health, measuring cardio fitness, detecting irregular heartbeats, and tracking the amount of sleep you’re getting. But imagine if your toilet could tell you if you’re at risk of developing diabetes or that someone has colon cancer to catch it early. Surprisingly, this technology already exists in Japan – honestly, we’re not talking crap! Able to perform a urinalysis, future smart toilets will be designed to keep us all healthier and safer. As well as convenient flushing systems and automated air freshening features, monitoring signs of disease with a visit to the bathroom instead of the doctors could help towards relieving the strain on the NHS too.

  1. Smart lighting controls

Smart home infographic, things to control from a smart phone.

Smart lighting systems allow you to control ambient, accent, and task lighting at home with your voice or smartphone. The NEST hub can also be programmed to turn lights on at specific times of day or night, which also acts as an effective burglar deterrent. Many predict that before long advanced lighting controls will be a standard feature within new build homes. Light has a big effect on our moods, wellness, and behaviour, so mainstream tuneable lighting is also something to look out for in the near future.

Considering the coronavirus can survive on certain surfaces for up to 72 hours, smart lighting has the power to transform the way we use our homes as it effectively minimises the surfaces you and your family touch too.

  1. Wireless charging furniture

Wireless charging gained widespread popularity in the early 2010s, and now looks set to revolutionise the future of home furniture design. Amongst the wireless charger innovators, IKEA is the latest to integrate wireless charging stations into their flat-pack furniture – enhancing minimalist aesthetics, whilst eliminating unsightly cables and time wasted searching for misplaced chargers.

  1. Energy storing bricks

Red bricks.

The best way to effectively heat your home still involves the inclusion of high-quality double and triple glazed windows, doors, and glazed extensions. However, energy storing bricks could be used to build the homes of tomorrow. It’s still early days, but researchers led by Washington University have found an innovative way to store energy in red bricks that can be recharged like a battery. So, one day we may be able to literally plug our electronics straight into the wall!

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