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Fascias and Soffits

Stormclad Fascias and Soffits

Stormclad is a premier stylish fascia and soffit installers with over 20 years’ experience. We make a real difference to any home giving a clean finish to your roofline and make sure that our fascia boards are catered to your preference and taste.

If your home is fairly old then you’re more than likely looking to replace old wooden boards which have become damaged with age. This can have a negative effect on your home as it will allow rain or moisture to seep through that could damage the interior. If the boards are not sealed properly, you could also be losing heat from your home which means your energy bills could be much higher than they need be.

We a have a huge range of excellent quality uPVC fascias and soffit boards that are a good match for any exterior design.

What are Fascias and Soffits?

Replacement fascias and soffits are an essential part of the exterior of your home which are permanent features on most roofs. However, you may not know the necessary purpose that they have. Here is a brief explanation:

  • The fascia is known as the long straight board that is fastened to the guttering and supports the last row of tiles. Fascias are one of the most important parts of a roof lining as the guttering is attached to them. Due care is taken to make the fascias boards super durable to carry the weight of the guttering.
  • The soffit is the horizontal board which is connected to the fascias in order to give it a weatherproof seal as the boards are an important barrier against the outside elements. They are a part of an overarching system within the roof to ensure that you are well protected and Stormclad’s quality assurance means they are built to last.

How do to install fascias and soffits?

We’ve implemented a full proof system based on Stormclad’s experience and knowledge. Once we’ve removed the end tiles, we inspect the roof’s condition and any signs of asbestos. Once this is done, we then fit sprockets to the rafters to make sure the fascia and soffits will fit correctly. After the boards have been fitted the guttering and ventilation can be installed.


We also supply a range of uPVC cladding products that give an excellent low maintenance finish to any property. Sometimes referred to as weatherboard, uPVC cladding is extraordinarily light and will not twist, warp or split. It is available in a variety of colours and like our fascias & soffits will only require an occasional wipe down to keep it looking as fresh as the day it was installed.

Fascias and Soffits FAQs

We always strive to give you as much information as possible to help you make your Home Improvements choice. The following are the questions that we get most frequently asked. If there’s anything else you’d like to know please get in touch

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Do you offer a full replacement service or over-cladding?

At Stormclad we only ever offer a full replacement service.

The process is detailed here in our blog.

Do you install fascias and guttering independently?

We offer a wide range of guttering and fascias, our ability to replace them independently depends on what they are fixed to. If the fascias and soffits are in a state of bad repair, we would not be able to replace the guttering alone. However, if it fixes straight into brick, this is not a problem.

What finishes do your rooflines come in?

Stormclad’s uPVC rooflines comes in a range of colour options to complement your property.

How long will my new fascias & soffits last?

Stormclad’s fascias and soffits come with a 10 year guarantee.

Fascias and Soffits Gallery

Fascias and Soffits Help & Advice

Maintaining Fascias & Soffits

Maintaining Fascias & Soffits

What Are Soffits and Fascias?

What are Fascias & Soffits, and Why Do We Need Them?

Why choose Stormclad for
your Fascias & Soffits?



All of our installations are backed up by independent warranty to give you complete peace of mind long after we’ve installed your fascias and soffits



All of our fascias & soffits come with a 10 year guarantee so you know that you’re covered against any future eventuality

Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance

Our fascias and soffits are extremely low maintenance making them an excellent long term solution for your home


Great Choice

We have a stunning range of fascias & soffits for you in a great choice of colours and finishes to suit your exact requirements for your home

Access Equipment

Access Equipment

Our installers have all the correct access equipment including scaffolding and decking for when they fit your fascias & soffits



Our fascias & soffits installations include all guttering and downpipes to give you the complete roof trim solution for your home

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