The Importance of Insects: An Illustrated Guide to Beneficial Bugs In Your Garden

The Importance of Insects: An Illustrated Guide to Beneficial Bugs In Your Garden

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11th March 2015


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Many of us think of bugs as something to at best, avoid, and at worst, destroy. Sure, it’s annoying when they find their way through open windows or get trapped inside conservatories but however as much of a nuisance as they can be, a world without those scary creepy crawlies might not be as pleasant as you think.

Many insects help to pollinate plants, and without them, those plants wouldn’t be able to reproduce. Without these vital pollinators, many important plants and vital food sources would perish. In fact, without bees, we would lose more than 90 species of plants that we rely on for food.

And it’s not just mankind that would be affected by plant sources lost by lack of pollination; many, many other species rely on plants pollinated by insects, while many species rely on the insects themselves as a food source. The disappearance of insects would have a catastrophic effect on our food chain and the life of every species on this planet would change dramatically.

We’ve taken a look at some of the UK’s most common bugs and why they’re so beneficial to life in on earth in the infographic below. Download a PDF version here.

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