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Could Being Too Tidy Be Bad For Our Health?

Posted by on 30th March 2012

cleaningMany of us pride ourselves in living in a clean and tidy home – there’s nothing unusual about this. However there are some people that go a little further than that. You might know someone like this – someone that perhaps doesn’t allow others to sit on the chairs in the living room in case they move the perfectly arranged cushions, or someone that spends the entirety of every weekend cleaning their double glazing and polishing their bathtub.

One problem with this is that it can discourage the use of necessary parts of the house. The pressure of trying to keep everything clean and tidy could lead to drastically abnormal behaviour and be damaging for health.

It’s always best to remember that a house and the rooms within it were designed to be lived in. They weren’t made to look like show rooms forever. Rooms will develop marks and stains as a by-product of them being lived in – and this is a good thing. It shows they have actually been used as they should have been.

Even tidy people will appreciate that houses gather marks and stains; it can add an accidental personalised touch. A stain of red wine in the conservatory could be the reminder of a good night, or a scuff in the kitchen might remind you of the first time you tried to cook up something new.

While having a tidy house is perfectly normal, obsessing over it is not. When deciding that you want to keep your house as clean and tidy as time and physical strength will allow, the stress and worry brought from it could be enough to stop you using your house altogether.

If you’re constantly worrying about accidently dropping crumbs or touching the wall in case it gets stained, your mental and even your physical health could be affected.

The best advice is to use your home as it’s meant to be. Do your best not to worry and unnecessary health risks can easily be avoided.

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