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How Long Will a Conservatory Last?

A 2013 survey of British conservatories concluded that around 18% of homes in Britain have a little glass extension attached to them.  The popularity of the conservatory is perhaps unsurprising:  it can be constructed to create a whole new lifestyle space within your home with relatively little hassle and at a price which is very competitive when compared with a wholly brick-and-mortar extension.  What’s more, it’ll provide a great place to spend those summer afternoons, providing a means of enjoying the outdoors without having to endure cold breezes and creepy-crawlies that come along with it. But a conservatory represents a

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How to Keep Heat Inside Your Home

Statistically speaking January and February are the coldest months of the year in the UK, with temperatures, historically, reaching their lowest point between February 13th and February 20th. When it comes to keeping warm many of us will resort straight to cranking up the heat, which means increased energy consumption and higher fuel bills. Thankfully, there are other ways to keep your home warmer and more comfortable throughout the winter months. According to The Energy Saving Trust as much as 20 percent of a home’s heat is lost through its windows and doors. This means that by investing in energy-saving

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Carports Explained

A carport’s primary purpose is to provide protection for vehicles such as cars, motorbikes and caravans – but they actually have many more uses. They’re ideal for providing shade from the sun on a hot day or shelter from the rain so you can enjoy a barbecue whatever the weather. What does a carport consist of? Carports generally boast a roof supported on one side by columns or posts, and the side of the house on the other. They are typically made from uPVC, timber or metal. Powder coasted aluminium is a particularly great choice because it’s very low maintenance.


Do You Spend Enough *Quality* Time With Your Family?

Do you think you spend enough quality time with your family? And by that we mean real interactions – talking, having fun, and just generally enjoying each other’s company. Sitting in front of the TV while you play with your phone? That doesn’t count. So, do you? If you said “yes”, you’re not alone. We asked 500 UK adults and 500 US adults if they feel they spend enough quality time with their families. 55.8% of UK respondents and 66% of US respondents said they do. That might sound promising, but we’re not convinced. We did some digging into how

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What Are Fascias and Soffits?

One question we get asked a lot at Stormclad is “what is a fascia and soffit?” Our sales director, Tony Dunn, explains. Unless you work in the building industry or you’re a really keen DIYer you probably know very little about these vital roofing components. Read on and I’ll explain what they are and what they do, as well as what to look out for to see if yours need any care and attention. There is much more to a roof than the tiles. A roof is actually made up of a set of interlocking pieces, each with their own

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​How Can I Keep My Home and Conservatory Cool in Hot Weather?

Double glazing has come a long way since the units were first mass produced in America in the 1950s. Modern technology and manufacturing processes mean today’s double glazing is more secure and energy-efficient than it’s ever been before. Our sales director, Tony Dunn, explains. The most obvious benefit of double glazing for householders is how effective it is at minimising heat loss and in turn, making homes more comfortable and reducing fuel bills. Another benefit of modern double glazing is security. Enhanced locking systems, many of which are accredited by organisations like Secured by Design, can make homes far less

Stormclad condensation A+ rated windows


Why is My Double Glazing Misting Up?

Have you ever noticed condensation on your windows, tried to wipe it off, but found it stays put? This is because the condensation is actually between the two panes that form a double glazed window. Tony Dunn, our sales director, says “between the two panes that form double glazing is a vacuum that will be filled with either a gas (like argon gas) or air. The result is a thermal barrier that prevents heat transfer, keeping cold air out and warm air in. If condensation forms between the two panes it means the glazed unit has ‘blown’ and damp air

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How Do I Make My Home’s Front Door More Secure?

According to The Office for National Statistics there were an estimated 800,000 home burglaries in England and Wales in the year up to March 2015, a worrying statistic that means the risk of burglary is an issue we should all be paying attention to. Another troubling statistic is this: 67% of burglars gain access through a property’s front door. Only 3% of those occur as a result of the door accidentally being left open. This is why it makes sense to ensure every home’s front door is secure as possible. Some simple ways to improve the security of your front

Stormclad A+ Rated Windows


What are A+ Rated Windows?

Figures from The Energy Saving Trust reported that as much as 20% of a home’s heat loss occurs through its windows and doors. This increases the household’s fuel bills and its carbon footprint.  Since energy prices are permanently on the rise it makes sense for homeowners to make their property as thermally efficient as possible. The thermal efficiency of a window is independently verified by the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC); an organisation formed to develop an energy rating system specific to windows and doors. The resulting system shares similarities with those used on domestic appliances like fridges, freezers and

Congratulations to this quarter’s iPad Winner!


Congratulations to this quarter’s iPad Winner!

Every three months we run a prize draw in which we enter everybody who has reviewed us online. The lucky winner this time is Mr. Patterson from Highbury Vale in Nottingham. Tony Dunn, Stormclad’s Sales Director, says, “It’s an absolute pleasure to present Mr. Patterson with his iPad because it’s through feedback like his that we’re able to continually improve our products and services.” If you have been a customer of Stormclad and would like to leave us a review then you can do this on Facebook, Google, Age UK and Freeindex. We’d love to hear from you and it

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